Sunday, September 30, 2007

Where has the time gone?

I can't believe that it has been almost one month since I last posted. What have I been doing with all that time? Let's see... I finished working for my parents, I accepted a job offer from the largest employer in southern Missouri and am now entering my third week of employment with them. I'm fortunate to have found a part time position that will allow me to work in the evening and now Bryan and I meet up after get gets off of work to switch cars and he drives home with the kids while I go off to work until 10pm.

All of these changes have caused a big priorities shift and I'm finding that I have less time for pleasurable things like knitting and blogging. Working and being a mom of two kids is much harder than it was when I was working and being a mom of one kid. Now if only I could be a working mom with 2 kids and a housekeeper....

Just to prove that I still knit, here is a little something that I've been working on. This is the beginning stages of a new project. Yarn cakes and a gauge swatch.

The color in the swatch picture is much more accurate. I'm finding that red is as difficult to photograph as black is!

I also received another package from my Secret Pal! She sent me some rainbow ribbon yarn, tea and chocolate. The chocolate was consumed immediately upon discovery and the tea is being enjoyed a little more slowly. Now that the weather is cooling down a bit more I'm finding that hot tea is more and more appealing. Thanks, Pal!

Now that I have the 343 pictures off of my camera card (I kid you not) and onto the computer, I hope to have a couple of posts up this week. Until then, a picture of my wonderful kids!

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Wanted: Inspiration

I feel that I'm at an impasse. I need a new project since the Quattro soaker is done, but I'm all done with soakers and I loathe to say it but socks aren't doing it for me right now. Even the Jaywalkers have become lackluster. There is plenty of beautiful sock yarn in my stash and I love it all, but I don't have the slightest urge to pick any of it up. So basically, no more butt or feet knitting for a while.

What I want to knit is something adult-sized and that requires more brain cells than will be on Owen's birthday cake next week. (That would be 4 in case you were wondering.) I have plenty of pattern options thanks to the magic of Ravelry, but the difficulty lies in committing to a project. I could knit a tank top but that is something that can only be enjoyed for a few more weeks before being put away. So if a tank top is out of the running then that leaves sweaters, shrugs and shawls.

How would you decide?

Tomorrow during Ailish's nap I'm going to sit on the floor with knitting books spread out around me and try to find that spark. Perhaps the knitting muse has slipped between the pages of one of those books!