Thursday, March 23, 2006

I'm in a knitting slump!

Last week and this week I've felt no desire to pick up Owen's sweater at night while we're hanging out relaxing. I've made myself do it, but it was more out of obligation, guilt and the desire to finish it so I could start something else than for any other reason.

Tonight as I was looking at it I've realized why. I have the sneaking suspicion that I am not going to have enough yarn for this project. Yes, I have the number of skeins listed for the size, but I don't have that spare skein that I always have "just in case". See, the yarn was purchased because it was so darn nice and nicely reduced in price... not because I had the perfect pattern for it. I just happened to find a pattern that worked and ran with it. And now my running is more of a slow cautious tiptoe.

So here's the golden question:

Do I keep going with the sweater that only has 3/4 of the sleeves and one front side left to do... and just see if I make it by the skin of my teeth?


Do I put the project down and step away! Put it back in the yarn closet maybe in a dark corner and see if it somehow finishes itself? Or maybe just put it back in the yarn closet to be frogged later? I'm not so much in love with this sweater that I wouldn't consider this. And frankly, it really was more of a stashbuster and time-passer than anything.

Cast your vote!

I think that tomorrow night I'll pick up a new project (just until the final word from all of you come in!) and start a robot for Owen's birthday present. The pattern is coming from Vickie Howell's book, "New Knits on the Block" and I'll be changing it around a bit. Owen has just discovered "obots" and loves it when we watch Alias on DVD because at the very end you hear a kid say, "Bad Robot!" He runs around and with a big grin tells us, "OBOT!" How can I resist that? Must! Make! The Child! A Robot!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Thank you!

I received my package of goodies from my Needle Exchange Pal! As you can see, Samantha was very generous. She gifted me with a beautiful box that I think will be perfect for knitting notions. Perhaps my new Addi Turbos will go in there!
Oh, and do you see that beautiful sock yarn? That screams of Project Spectrum.... and I'm thinking cables. Thanks, Samantha!!!
There was also another package waiting for me, but this one was no present. I've earned the reputation at work as being the new girl with the cool knitted socks. I think these Lorna's Laces will make some great socks.
The skeins on the left are Black Watch and the colors are even more wonderful in person. The skeins on the left are Aslan and I bought them specifically because I don't have any socks that go with brown! Problem solved.

For those of you who commented, Owen is doing much better! We had one more trip to Urgent Care on Saturday morning and the antibiotics hadn't done anything for his ears so we were prescribed a new one. That new stuff did the trick and Sunday morning his fever broke! He was a sick little guy for 5 days and even though he's not completely fine, it's better than feeling bad and having a 102.6 fever.

I've had a string of finished items that I haven't shown off, including that I finished and lined my cabled purse. I love this purse and it's come to work with me for the past week. I also finished a scarf that is going in the Christmas present box, and a soft gift pouch that is finding it's home with my SP7 pal.

One FO that I'm really excited about is a Pretty Princess Cape that I made for a friend's little girl. She's 2 1/2 and her mommy is one of my good friends in CA. I crocheted her a cape that velcros in front with sparkly ribbon. And of course, there is a matching cape for her favorite teddy bear. I'll be sending that out tomorrow and I can't wait to hear how she likes it!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tornado socks

Project Details:
Yarn: Regia 4-Ply Needles: Size 2US bamboo dpns Pattern: Same as the last pair Notes: I think that the size 2 needles for this sock yarn was perfect. It wasn't too loose, nor was it too tight of a fabric. I wouldn't have gone down to a 1 or up to a 3, even if I could magically wave a wand and change it without having to knit them over. I loved the self-striping stuff going on. So fun! These are identical twins, even though they may not look like it in the picture. I'd like to find a pattern with a different heel, since these are coming out a little loose (even with the smaller needles).

Just like my last socks, these socks have significance for me. I knitted on them last week while doing several interviews for my current employer and also on Sunday night while sitting in the middle of the boys locker room in the junior high school while waiting for the tornado to pass our city. Thankfully, I got the job and got home safely from our first tornado evacuation to find our home still intact. There were fifty homes in our town that were either severely damaged or destroyed.

I wore these socks today and felt blessed. Blessed that I have a job, even if there are times during this very comprehensive training when I really want to throw my training binder across the room. Blessed that I have a home that is still standing and not damaged at all. Blessed that I have a beautiful home with family to fill it with love and laughter.

I finished these socks last night after taking Owen to Urgent Care with a temperature over 102 degrees and with a rattling cough. I'm blessed that my sick child can have good health care and that with a few days of antibiotics his bronchitis and double ear infection will soon be clearing up. I'm blessed that I have motrin to bring his fever below the 103 that it was today. And I'm very blessed that I have a Mom who came to take care of my boy so that I didn't have to miss work.

I'm also blessed that I have plenty of yarn in my closet and was able to start a wonderful pink scarf for Project Spectrum. (Guess who has people at her new job asking her to teach them to knit?) My feet are warm now and my neck will be warm this next winter!

Here's to you and all of your blessings!

Friday, March 10, 2006

In which I fall off the wagon

It is official. I've fallen off the Stashalong Bandwagon!

I was temped by these beauties. 2 skeins of Trekking XXL and 2 skeins of some really great sock yarn that Lana is using to make a Clapotis that will be some very cheerful socks.

I do still intend to limit my yarn purchases to a minimum since I do have plenty of yarn with which to knit. Kind of my own modified stashalong, I suppose.

Monday is my first day being back at work and I'm currently trying to figure out what kind of project to bring with me to knit at lunch. Before the knitting bug bit me I always brought a book with me to work, and I suppose I could still do that.

Currently on my needles are Owen's sweater (which is so not going to be finished by Saturday night, so don't ask), a pair of socks in the Regia I got for "Christmas" and the scarf from my Secret Pal. Since I plan on finishing the scarf tonight my work knitting projects could either be the socks, the sweater or something else altogether. Any ideas?

Monday, March 06, 2006

They really are lucky socks!

I had no clue that my socks had so much power, but not only do I officially have a job... but they have also decided to pay me $1.50 more an hour than originally discussed. Holy cow, these socks are potent!!!

And not only are they lucky and have some amazing magical capabilities to make people want to throw money at you, but they're very comfortable! My feet have been warm and cozy all day long.

So my new job starts on Monday morning, which gives me plenty of time to get the house way clean and the family (and myself) ready for Brianne Back At Work mode. And who am I kidding? I'll be knitting, too! I really want to finish Owen's sweater before Saturday.

It's a GREAT day!!!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Sock Happy

Yarn: Trekking XXL
Needles: Clover DPNs size 2US
Pattern: Knitting Pure and Simple's Beginner Lightweight Sock

I think I'm going to remember these socks as the ones I worked on while looking for work. They came with me on Bryan's one day job search, and have been my companion and source of calm while I have been out on the town filling out applications and doing interviews.

These may just be my lucky socks as I now have a few job offers on the table and have the luxury of being able to choose which job I want. (A very nice problem to have!) I plan on wearing these on Monday to two more interviews and that happens to be the day that I'll decide which position to take. Lucky socks, don't fail me now!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Secret Pal bragging here

I must admit, I received my second SP7 package on Friday and haven't blogged about it until now. That makes me a very bad SP and for that I heartily apologize!

So go back in time with me to Friday. (Feel free to make the Wayne & Garth fade in/out motions and sounds. I won't laugh, I promise!) Carrie, my postal worker who is terribly sweet, came to the door with a box in hand. I knew that it was from my Secret Pal because of the cute flowery tape that she used on the last package!

I thought that I could show some self-restraint and use the unopened package as a reward for folding a mountain of laundry that was residing on our bed. I was so wrong.

Upon opening the box I found...

all this great stuff! A beautiful card with a Monet print on the front, the Oregon Tote pattern, the Vertical Stripes pattern and a ball of Debbie Bliss Alpaca & Silk in the most delicious shade of burgandy.

The yarn came with a cute flower brooch and a tiny pattern for a scarf that is held together at the neck with the included brooch. I'm so excited about making this scarf! Who cares if it was 67 degrees outside today... darnit! I need a scarf!

When Mom came over on Saturday to pick me up for our sock class I had to show her the loot and she almost died when she saw that yarn. Mom is now on the prowl for the exact color of Alpaca & Silk, except that Mom wants to make a whole sweater out of it and possibly have a love affair with it. (Okay, that might be going a bit too far, but you didn't hear her going on about this yarn!)

Secret Pal, thank you so much!