Thursday, March 23, 2006

I'm in a knitting slump!

Last week and this week I've felt no desire to pick up Owen's sweater at night while we're hanging out relaxing. I've made myself do it, but it was more out of obligation, guilt and the desire to finish it so I could start something else than for any other reason.

Tonight as I was looking at it I've realized why. I have the sneaking suspicion that I am not going to have enough yarn for this project. Yes, I have the number of skeins listed for the size, but I don't have that spare skein that I always have "just in case". See, the yarn was purchased because it was so darn nice and nicely reduced in price... not because I had the perfect pattern for it. I just happened to find a pattern that worked and ran with it. And now my running is more of a slow cautious tiptoe.

So here's the golden question:

Do I keep going with the sweater that only has 3/4 of the sleeves and one front side left to do... and just see if I make it by the skin of my teeth?


Do I put the project down and step away! Put it back in the yarn closet maybe in a dark corner and see if it somehow finishes itself? Or maybe just put it back in the yarn closet to be frogged later? I'm not so much in love with this sweater that I wouldn't consider this. And frankly, it really was more of a stashbuster and time-passer than anything.

Cast your vote!

I think that tomorrow night I'll pick up a new project (just until the final word from all of you come in!) and start a robot for Owen's birthday present. The pattern is coming from Vickie Howell's book, "New Knits on the Block" and I'll be changing it around a bit. Owen has just discovered "obots" and loves it when we watch Alias on DVD because at the very end you hear a kid say, "Bad Robot!" He runs around and with a big grin tells us, "OBOT!" How can I resist that? Must! Make! The Child! A Robot!


Zarah said...

I say banish it to the closet. There's not enough time in this world to knit things you don't love.

Lana said...

I think Zarah is right! Knit things you love for those you love:D

Anonymous said...

Hello! Sometimes a kntting slump strikes us and there is nothing we can do ....except try and power through with a fun, easy project. Sounds like the robot is just what the doc ordered! On another note...I'm a bit late with your last SP7 gift! I'd like to think, instead of being a bit late....I'm merely extending the fun! I hope that is alright!
Happy Knitting...
Your SP

coffeygirlb said...

You wanna talk about a knitting rut...i'm still not even sure that I CAN knit. But yeah, If I found that I wasnt enjoying something completely, I wouldn't finish it. I guess that's why I have yet to get a college degree, Hmmmmmm. Maybe on second thought:) No i'm kidding scrap it!

HibiscuitsGirl said...

I think it's funny that we catch ourselves avoiding things, and then we have to sit down to figure out why and there's usually a reason for it. I finally had to admit I was avoiding Eris, but why? Because I really hate the freaking yarn!!! Now that I know, I'm just gonna do it and get it over with so I can move on and never buy this yarn again!

I say go skin of your teeth and finish it for your boy. It's very exciting.

Cristina said...

HI SECRET PAL!! thank you so much for all the wonderful goodies! And now I have a new knitting friend! Owen is soooo cute....I'm gunna blog roll you and stop by everyonce in awhile and say hi!

p.s. wierd have the button of my secret pal giftee! sheep in the city!