Friday, July 14, 2006


Once I got over my short-lived revelry over the 6 Day Sock Miracle, I noticed that my house had taken a beating while I was busy with those socks. I had been so engrossed with them that the little things had fallen to the wayside. Things like laundry, dishes, and putting away the collection of little cars and blocks that my son likes to display all over the house. Those things were very abruptly brought back to my attention once I stepped on the hard corner edge of a Lego block in my bare feet.

Monday night found a different Brianne. I was of a single-track mind. The house! I must restore the house back to normal! By Tuesday night all was well in the Keene Household and I was able to start another pair of socks to put in the Christmas/Birthday Box. However, that cleaning bug had latched on for dear life and I've found myself a very determined woman.

I like this Brianne! She comes home from work, gets a snack for the boy and then does things like scrub showers before even starting dinner or sitting down for a calm moment. I had an errand to run at Target last night and I found a frame for an old ad for Catalina Island that I've had and been meaning to hang for a year. That picture is now hung in our computer room and I feel so accomplished! I wonder what I'm going to do next?

Now for a little knitting update! I started a tank top for myself a few weeks ago using King Tut cotton in a beautiful icy blue color thinking that cotton would be the way to go for Summer knitting. I still think that I need cotton, I just don't think that this cotton will be it. I've gotten about 4 inches in the round done on this tank top and I don't think that I have the heart to do any more because the yarn, as nice and pretty as it is, isn't fun to work with for this project. Tonight I plan on frogging the tank and starting over again in that Green Apple Shine Worsted that I got in the mail recently. I'll be using the same pattern which is Cherry Bomb from Big Girl Knits, and hopefully things will turn out much better this time.

Heather's socks were mailed to her yesterday and I'm so excited to hear what she thinks of them! I loved the pattern so much that I started another pair of Mock Cable cuff socks in Trekking and those are the ones that will go in the Christmas/Birthday Box. I finished the gusset decreases last night and hope to finish the first sock this weekend.

Remember the little sweater I was making for Owen from a Debbie Bliss pattern? The one that I hid far away in the craft closet because I didn't know if I was going to have enough yarn? Yeah, well, I've finally decided to frog that project, too. A wonderful friend of mine, Heather, is due to have her third baby in November and I'm thinking that since I did Cross-Stitch for her first child and Crocheted for her second child that it's only proper that this third little person get something knitted. Surely, almost enough yarn for a size 2T sweater would be enough for a 3-6 month ensemble. So that's the plan! (They find out what they're having on Monday so I should be able to start picking out patterns soon!)

Alrighty, I think that's all from me right now. I hope to get some pictures up this weekend or Monday at the latest to show some progress on the socks and maybe even the beginnings of Cherry Bomb!

Happy Friday!


Zarah said...

Hmm... maybe I need to borrow some legos to kick my sorry butt into shape on doing housework. I totally neglected it the past few nights to seam up Carla.

del said...

Boy, do I understand! I've been knitting very little lately because when I was going thru my little obsessive phase, the house really suffered! It's hard sometimes to find balance, especially when you have kids.

Catherine Kerth said...

oh my gooodness is that kind of house cleaning infectious! i hope so send some this way! my house has suffered ever since i started knitting ;)