Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It's Christmas in August!

I got my KSKS package! Oh. My. Gosh. Eva Doggen in Luxembourg, I love you so hard!!!

Take a look....

The full package. Look at all the stuff!

She sent goodies for Owen! He loves the cars and made me open them right away. See the cute little books? I looove them! And the two little packages on top hold a set of size US 0 dpns and a set of size US 1.5 dpns.

Here we have 2 skeins of sock yarn. Regia 4-fadig Splendid Color in blue and brown and Lana Grossa Weilenweit Cotton Multiringel in blues, purple and pink. There's also candy! Two for Owen and two for me (and Bryan). Dark chocolate and lemon candy. Yum.

A cute little bag for knitting notions, a wallet for my yarn money (great idea!), pens, pencils, stitchmarkers that are small enough for the size 0 needles. See that shiny metal thing? That holds your socks while you're not knitting on them. It's kind of like this one (scroll down).

Finally, the bag! Or should I say, bags! My poor pal went through 2 sewing machines while trying to make my bag, what a trooper. So instead, I got two bags. The white one has lots of pockets and I think could still make a nice knitting bag! The black one, well, wee the sheep? Too cute! All of the sheep stuff comes from Sheepworld. (www.sheepworld.de)

Eva, Thank you so much for everything. You didn't mention if you have a blog. Please let me know because I'd love to take a look!


EvaLux said...

Guess the letter came too :) I'm glad you liked it all... I felt so bummed that I hadn't managed to make a bag :)

Glad Kiddo liked the cars, I thought there would be safety in numbers hahahaha. Actually it was the only matchbox cars the shop had.

I have a blog, http://sweetpea16.wordpress.com.

I have to update it today as together with the sewing machines my computer went through a spell of sickness too :)
Oh those lemon sweets... they're Belgian (like me :)). They've got a sour powder in their middle... that's why I love them so much.

Cheers Eva

EvaLux said...

Actually the shiny metal thing... is exactely the same LOL. I ordered it from that lady as soon as I saw them on the YH's site :)

beverly said...

Great kit!

Zarah said...

Lucky you!

Melissa said...

Great package. What a wonderful pal!

del said...

What great stuff! How lucky!

Catherine Kerth said...

oh wow!!!! i love the bags.. epecially the sheepworld one... i clicked the link but it was all in a different lang. eeek ;) you were absolutely spoiled