Thursday, September 28, 2006

Enjoying the ride

Life hasn't been all sunshine and roses around here lately. We've had some fun times, but we've also had our share of trudging through the muck that life throws at you sometimes. Trying to get through that muck with your sense of humor intact seems to be the key to it all and, thankfully, that doesn't seem to be a huge problem for us! So here we are, enjoying the rollercoaster ride with all its ups and downs!

This post is full of ups! Come and admire with me...

Ah, the stitch pattern detail of My So Called Scarf. I'm not a big variegated yarn girl. It has it's place, (socks, anyone?), but I haven't used it much in my knitting. I fell in love with the way the variegated Manos shows off this pattern.

And here's the finished product! (See that cute kid? He doesn't come with the scarf.) I wore it to work on the first cold day after it was washed and blocked and got 15 compliments on it. I counted! It's the perfect width, length, everything. (Should I mention that I cast on for another one on Tuesday night?)

Project Details:
Pattern: My So Called Scarf, as seen on Sheep in the City
Needles: Denise Interchangeables, Size 11US
Yarn: Manos del Uruguay, color 113 - 2 skeins (used all but 3 inches)
Began: Monday, September 11
Completed: Sunday, September 17

While I'm showing things off... Behold! Bryan's birthday socks! They fit like a glove and he loves the color. He's worn them a couple of times so I suppose that they're a winner!

Project Details:
Pattern: Generic pattern in my mind
Needles: KnitPicks DPNS, size 1US (So sharp and perfect for splitty yarn!)
Yarn: Silja sock yarn, royal blue
Began: July 31, 2006
Completed: August 26, 2006
Given: September 10, 2006

I'm hoping to garner some good thoughts and prayers for us the next week. On Wednesday morning Owen goes in for minor surgery to place tubes in his ears and remove his adenoids. He's been battling chronic ear infections all through the late spring and summer and two weeks ago his right ear drum ruptured. The hope is that he'll be able to hear and speak much clearer after the tubes are in and that we won't have to spend the winter on antibiotics. I'm a bit of a nervous Momma when it comes to the thought of my kiddo having surgery, so my Mom is going to be with us in the hospital during all of this. As you can imagine, there will be much yarn in the waiting room! Thanks, friends!


del said...

I'm working on the same scarf right now, but you've finished so much faster than me, LOL. It's lovely! And I agree it's the perfect scarf to show off variegations.

Yay, the blue socks are a winner!

I hope & pray that Owen comes thru his minor surgery all right. Hope the knitting helps calm you. Best of luck to your family.

beverly said...

You all will be in my thoughts.

Your scarf is FABU!

Lana said...

Such a lovely scarf! Nice socks too:D
Will be praying that Owen has a swift recovery and no complications.
Just missed you at Simply Fibers the other weekend:( I know I plan on going to the knit in November 10. Not really that far away. Hope to see you then if not sooner.

HibiscuitsGirl said...

Best wishes to Owen! Get well soon, little dude.

Boo muck! Yay humor! Hang in there, chicka. There's a balance in all things. The bad stuff will pass and goodness will come around again. You're lucky to have such a wonderful family around you during the rough spots!