Monday, February 26, 2007

More tea?

Today I felt very motivated to work on the UnGranny Smith sweater. I sat down and told myself, "Brianne, today you're going to finish the left front and cast on for the right front!" I figured that I was right at the point where I'd be starting shaping for the neckline and armholes. So I sat down with Friends Season 10 in the dvd player and a cup of hot tea at my side and took a look at where I was on the left front.

Imagine my annoyance at realizing that 3" back I had done the waist shaping incorrectly. I tried to drop down and maneuver my way out of it, but there was no hope! I poured myself another cup of tea, inwardly wishing that it was something a little stronger, and ripped back 3" on the left front.

I have had a few successes to share, though! Owen's sweater is done, washed, blocked and tried on. It fits wonderfully and I think that my hopes that it will fit him for the next winter too aren't in vain.
Owen's sweater:
Pattern: Generated from
Needles: Denise Interchangeables, Size 11 US
Yarn: Lamb's Pride Bulky - 1 skein Heather Charcoal, 2 skeins Ink Blue (from the stash!)
Knitted in 2 1/2 days

I've never worked with Lamb's Pride Bulky before and it was an experience. If you've never worked with it before, here are a few things you should know. 1.) This will shed all over you, your couch, your floor and whoever might be sitting within a 3 mile radius of you. 2.) This will take 10 washings to get a clear rinse, including 2 overnight soaks just to be safe. 3.) You will need to brush this sweater with a sweater stone before you let your loved one wear it for the first time and if you really love them you'll brush it out a second time even though you don't think it needs it because you will come up with more stray fibers than you thought possible.

There are two of these socks, but photographing my own feet at this time would require more stretching and acrobatics than I'm willing to do right now. So believe me when I tell you that the second sock looks exactly the same. I've had this yarn in my stash for almost a year and I really didn't want to wind it from the skein because it was just too pretty! I've opened my sock yarn bin and fondled the hank often but always chose something else to work with because if I used the yarn then I wouldn't have it anymore. Then one day I was in a funk and needed something truly wonderful to brighten my day and I decided that some beautiful sock yarn was exactly what I needed and these socks were born!

Pattern: Lacey rib cuff
Needles: size 1 dpn
Yarn: Fearless Fibers in Desert Flower - Superwash

I kept these socks in my purse and would work on them when the phones got slow at work, or while waiting in the car for the drive through teller at the bank. I tried to work on them when I was in the hospital but could only get about 3 rounds done before I had to put them down because I was even more drugged up in the hospital than I have been at home! I started the second sock on Wednesday afternoon and was wearing them all day on Sunday.

The Fearless Fibers yarn is amazing. I love the colors and the yarn is sturdy but so very soft! I have one more skein in blues and greens in my stash and I know I'll be ordering more.


Meredith said...

Wow - you've been very productive! What a cute little guy!

Tammy said...

As soon as I get an allowance again, I'm ordering Fearless Fibers - that yarn is absolutely gorgeous! (And Owen is adorable!)

Zarah said...

That is annoying, but two out of three ain't bad!

Anonymous said...

The sweater is great--perfect fit! And you're so right about Lamb's Pride--gah.

The sock(s) are lovely!

Michelle said...

Your son is sooo cute. I love the sweater. Good to know about the Lambs Pride. I've used it a million times but I've always felted it so it wouldn't have occurred to me to watch out for it when it isn't felted.