Sunday, August 12, 2007


Yesterday as I was driving home from Branson, the temperature gauge in my car read 109 degrees. That is really hot. Hot enough that it melted the rear view mirror off of the windshield so that it dangled unattractively (and distractingly) from the wire the whole way home.

So why am I contemplating starting a black wool cardigan? (Number 241, for what it's worth.)

Surely I must be crazy! The heat must have knocked a screw loose, or perhaps it is the colicky baby who has reared her very loud vocal chords or the fact that I only have 2 small projects on the needles at the moment. Who can say? But the wool calls to me. "I see top down construction."

You are probably wondering what new project I decided to take with me to Branson? The winner was Jaywalkers, toe-up, two at a time using Regia Silk Color yarn!

I love love love the yarn. It is wonderful to work with and the colors are amazing. Rich and complex. I bought two skeins of colorway 13906 from Simply Fibers and then took two more skeins of the exact same colorway off of Tammy during our swap a few months ago! Thank goodness I did, too, because Simply Fibers no longer carries it!

The pattern is proving to be a challenge, though. Perhaps it is just because I'm working these from the toe up instead of from the cuff down like the pattern was written but my increases and decreases aren't looking like they should. The first time around I wasn't doing the double increase so I kept loosing a stitch on the top of the foot. Now the second time around I consistently have the correct stitch amount but I'm not getting the beautiful ridge detail on the increases and decreases. These are only about 4 rows in to the zig zag stitch pattern so it may be that I just need to be patient and wait for the loveliness to show itself.

On a positive note, I'm no longer hating the Figure 8 Cast On anymore!


Zarah said...

Maybe if we all start wool sweaters, fall will come sooner! Let's see a close-up of your sock, and maybe we can diagnose the problem with your increases/decreases.

Tammy said...

It's going to take more than 2 pair of toe-ups for me not to hate the Figure 8 cast on! I thought that Regia looked familiar, too. Bring the Jays tonight and we'll take a look at them - I had to restart mine 3-4 times - all from not paying attention to the pattern correctly.