Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Humble Beginnings

Every project has a start and an end.

This is one beginning.

This is two and a half repeats of the first half of one Celtic Cable pillow. I'm really enjoying this cable pattern, and though I wouldn't have believed it at first the pattern is becoming almost intuitive now. The Cascade Eco Wool is knitting up with a nice sturdy fabric that gives the gables amazing definition! Another pleasant surprise is that I think I may have enough yarn to knit up two of these pillows, which will make sending this present twice as wonderful.

I'm trying to decide what knitting to bring with me on Thanksgiving. I'll have an hour ride in the car each way, plus some knitting time with my Mom before the festivities begin. I'm thinking some nearly finished socks for the car ride and perhaps the Celtic Cable pillow for pre-festivities knitting.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! This year I'm thankful for so much that I can scarcely put it all together in my head, let alone on paper (or computer). But I treasure each of these blessings in my heart.


del said...

What a gorgeous pattern--you're right, the definition is great. Two pillows like this is a perfect gift!

Kat with a K said...

Looks great! I love that pattern.

Michelle said...

Very nice! I love cables. Those are going to be very nice pillows when you are finished.