Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Results Are In!

The ice storm that covered most of the midwest did a lot of damage to Springfield, including knocking out power to over 80,000 customers. We were a part of that number and spent a few days in Branson with my parents while we waited for power to be restored to our home. Our big ultrasound appointment was scheduled for that time and my OB's office was without power as well so we had to wait another whole week before we could get in!

I was so excited about today's appointment! Bryan and Owen were there and my Mom joined us as well.

The baby was very sweet and gave us a warm welcome. I love this picture because it looks like the baby is smiling and waving at us!!!

And now for the big news..........

We're having a girl!!! Bryan and I are both a little shocked because Bryan is the oldest of 4 boys so we both figured that it was a foregone conclusion that we'd have boys, too! We're thrilled at the thought of it, though, and I'm drooling at the thought of little girl knits! Mom and I have plans to make a visit to the LYS on Saturday to find yarn to start the girly knitting. Owen is already talking about his "steester" and I love it!

While we were in Branson I made some great progress on my UnGranny Smith cardigan and am now a few inches in on the front left. Mom is convinced that it will look beautiful on her and hints, with no subtlety whatsoever and with a mischievous wink, that she'd love for me to give this to her once I'm done. I'm convinced that I'm in love with it myself and have very happily told her that she needs to make one for herself and that I'd love to help her with it if needed.

I also started a Clapotis and after some initial wariness on how exactly the drop stitches thing works out I decided to trust the process. After all, about 2 billion knitters before me have made this pattern and if it didn't work I'm sure I would have heard about it before now!!! And what do you know? If you follow the pattern the way that it's written, everything works out just fine.

I'm working the Clapotis in ArtYarns Regal Silk in colorway 105, which I had originally intended to make into a Cozy shawl but it wasn't working out. Fast forward 16 months and it is looking beautiful as the Clapotis! The only thing that I'm not loving is that the yarn splits like nobody's business, which I'm sure is just part of working with 100% silk. I'm fully planning on making a second Clapotis but using a different yarn altogether. If you've made a Clapotis I'd love to know what yarn you used and how you liked it!


Tammy said...

Congratulations! And have fun shopping for the girly stuff at Simply fibers!

beverly said...

Hooray for girls! Especially when they have an adorable older brother! Congratulations, and I know you'll have a blast shopping and knitting for her.

I started my Clapotis in E. Lavold silky wool, but frogged b/c 1) I changed how I knit during the time I put it down to work on other things and it looked wonky; 2) the bright pink wasn't doing it for me anymore. But I love the pattern and would use Silky Wool (in another color) again.

Zarah said...

Brianne - that is so exciting that you're having a girl! I guess you managed to come through the ice storm without too much drama. I can't wait to see all the adorable baby girl knits you come up with. We should have a knitty baby shower for you, just like Alison had on The Blue Blog.

Lana said...

Congratulations!!! It's always nice to have one of each. I'll be looking forward too to see what pretty little knits you'll do. Take care and enjoy the relative calm:~)

jenfromRI said...

Congrats! I had a girl in April after I already had two boys and having both is just wonderful. Prepare for a deluge of pink, whether you like it or not! And I know how you feel about the Araucania cotton - I made a super soft pillow out of it for a friend.