Monday, January 29, 2007

This is why I knit!

Clockwise from top left: Dad (who is without handknitted goodness!), Jared (wearing my first knitted project, a blue and grey scarf), Isaac (wearing his requested items: an orange crocheted scarf and red and white knitted hat with a "foofie thing" on top), Mom (wearing the cowl that I made her for Christmas), Owen (with his knitted hat with earflaps... that he's wearing backwards!) and Bryan (wearing his green hat).

When we were without power due to the ice storm we stayed with my family in Branson. My parents were thrilled to have us and we were thrilled to be in a house that was warmer than 35 degrees inside.

We decided to venture out into the weather to get a wonderful Mexican lunch at the Branson Landing. When we all got to the table and started shedding our winter gear I noticed something that warmed my heart. Everyone at the table, with the exception of my Dad, was wearing something that I had knit them. And it wasn't even something planned! I sat there for a minute and honestly, a little tear came to my eye. I made these things for the people that I love and even though it's 5 degrees outside with wind chill, my love is helping to keep them warm!

With all the cold weather I've been wearing my knitted socks more often. They do such a wonderful job of keeping my tootsies warm that I've been finding that they are the first socks that I reach for!

I did a mass washing of the socks on Saturday and thought that they looked lovely when I stacked them back up after they had dried. Perhaps there are a few that I haven't blogged about! In fact, I don't think that I blogged the three on the far right.

The brown, burgandy & cream socks were KnitPicks in the Napa colorway. I knitted these in October when Owen had his surgery and these came to a few doctor visits with me!

The green socks are Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Cedar and they perfectly match my living room couches! They were knitted during the huge snow storm in early December that rendered us almost house bound. I did a mock cable on the cuff and I think that they are my preferred sock right now because they fit so fabulously and the yarn is fantastic.

Sarah might recognize these socks. I won this yarn in a raffle that she did and I got to pick a sock yarn from her stash. It's Tess sock yarn and it was wonderful to work with. Part of the fun was watching the colors move and change as I was knitting. These socks were completed on December 30, 2006 and were my last FO of the year.

I have a few more projects on the needles than I normally have at one time, but I'm enjoying the variety. I'm not feeling rushed to finish anything and that's a wonderful thing!


Zarah said...

The socks look awesome in the Tess Designer Yarn! And I love the pic of your whole family with the knitty goodness - although your poor dad needs a hat!

Anonymous said...

How sweet that you're able to keep your loved ones warm! Love the socks--I also have a pair in that KP colorway.

Tammy said...

I want that KnitPicks yarn - but all your socks look awesome!

Michelle said...

How cute that everyone was wearing something you made them. I love it when that sort of thing happens. You know they use what you've made and didn't make a point of putting it on just because you were there. Very nice.