Tuesday, May 08, 2007

5th time's the charm!

I finally had success with the baby socks. The first time that I cast on for them I put 42 stitches on the needles. How many stitches did I end up with on the final pair? 28 stitches.
These are so cute and just about the fastest things to make. Ever.

Pattern: Mine
Yarn: an itty bit of leftover STR mediumweight in Watermelon Tourmaline, as gifted by Sarah
Needles: Size 1 US metal dpns

I took these pictures last night so you'll have to forgive the color because it really looks nothing like this.

And another finished sock project for you...
Pattern: Slip Stitch Rib socks from Sensational Knitted Socks
Yarn: KnitPicks Memories: Smores, 2 skeins
Needles: Size 2 US metal dpns
Date Started: April 21, 2007
Date Finished: May 3, 2007

I like the way that the slip stitch breaks up the ribbing on the cuff. I'm not sure about the yarn, though, because I've only worn these socks twice and I'm already seeing noticeable felting on the sole of the sock. Has anyone else seen that or am I just really hard on hand knitted socks?

A work in progress...
This is the Manos Cotton Stria that I bought on sale at Simply Fibers, which is being made up into a very simple stockinette wrap with a 4 stitch garter edging. This is the project that sits next to the bed and I work on it for a few minutes every night. It's my winding down project and with miles of stockinette you can see why.

I'm into my fourth skein of yarn and have one more to go. The "pattern" that I'm using, and I use that term loosely, says to use 2 buttons to keep it closed. I originally liked that idea but over the course of working on this decided that it most certainly does not want to have buttons. Nope. It wants a shawl pin.

And so I've ordered one. (It's the one on the top right.) Normally I wouldn't order something like this for just one project but then I got to thinking about the UnGranny Smith cardigan and how I can use the shawl pin on that. That led me to remember my Hopeful wrap that I keep at work for when the decide that it needs to be 47 degrees in the office... I'll be bringing that home this week and the shawl pin would work perfectly on that, too. So I'm seeing several wonderful uses for this shawl pin. Now if only I hadn't seen the sweater sticks.


Tammy said...

The baby socks are adorable! Love the colors!

Kate said...

Super cute socks! I feel so out of the loop with you because my RSS reader wasn't picking up your new entries so I didn't realize that you were posting!! Then yesterday I got around 20 updates and saw that you've been blogging all along!

zarah said...

Testing testing... why does blogger hate me?

zarah said...

Yippee I can post again! Seriously, it's been forever since that worked. The socks are so sweet!