Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Silly, Brianne!

Remember in my last post that I said I was only about 4" from being done with the sleeves? I was so wrong. I was 4" from being done with the increases on the sleeves, but still had sleeve cap shaping to do. It's not all that terrible, but 4" of increasing one stitch on each side, every other row on size 5 needles means that I've been doing a lot of adding stitches when I'd rather be decreasing.

Last night I finished the increases and now (finally!) today I get to start the sleeve cap shaping. With any luck I'll be blocking the pieces tonight and can do seaming tomorrow as well as picking up the five hojillion stitches around the front.

Yesterday was really exciting and a little scary! Bryan and I had an OB appointment and found out that I'm already dilated to 2cm. I kind of stared at the doctor for a minute in shock. When we got out to the car Bryan looked at me and said, "Oh my gosh, we're actually having a baby."

The doctor is pretty darn sure that I'll deliver baby girl before the weekend. It's a race against the clock, people!!!

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Kate said...

I'm offering free newborn pictures if you deliver before the weekend!