Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Flash your stash

Yes, I know it's not that time of year but I spent last night and part of today putting my yarn stash and knitting library up on Ravelry. (Okay, so I've been a member of Ravelry for almost 2 months and am just now getting to this part. I've been a little busy.)

99% of the time my stash is boxed up and in the guest bedroom closet. Want to rob my house just for the yarn? That's where you're going to look. It's very rare that I have it outside of that room and most of the time I just dive into the stash to find what I'm looking for and then shut it away again. I appreciate the stash for it's beauty and for the fact that it tucks away so nicely.

Bringing out the two boxes of yarn and small box of sock yarn made me realize that I have a lot of yarn but I don't have a lot of yarn. Confusing, no? Barring the sock yarn, I have a lot of yarns that are singletons and few batches of yarn that are big enough to do something, well, big with. The lone skein of Cotton Fleece left over from the In Full Bloom cardigan or the sad little Cascade Quatro that I loved the color of in the store but there was only one in stock and so it came home with me to make friends with the 220s.

I'm feeling challenged to be creative and do something with the sad single skeins of yarn. Hopefully having them on Ravelry and in my line of sight often will help them fulfill their destiny of becoming some fun knitted thing.


Zarah said...

You could do a log cabin blanket or a ripple crochet blanket, like I've been seeing pop up on the blogs...

Romi said...

Pretty yarn! :)