Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Earth to Brianne

I've been sitting in front of the computer for the past ten minutes just staring at this blank space where I'm supposed to type. Honestly, I'm drawing a blank. There's a lot that I can talk about but I'm having issues with piecing it all together into something coherent. I hate that feeling!

Last night I got together with Kate and Tammy and some other ladies from the church and I forgot how to cast on. It was embarrassing and a little startling! The sticks and string were in my hands but I couldn't figure out what to do with them. Then I remembered that I first needed to make a slip knot and it all came back after that. The lack of sleep is really catching up to me.

On a happier thought, Kate is leading us through how to make socks toe-up using the magic loop method. I've done cuff down magic loop but not toe up. The rest of the girls are doing two socks at once but I opted to just do them one at a time so as not to really confuse myself! Second Sock Syndrome has never been much of an issue for me so I'm not worried about not finishing them.

Also, I'm finally on the second sock of the Trekking socks that I started the night before I went into labor with Ailish. It's only been 7 weeks. The second sock is moving along much faster than the first is and I'm about 4" into the cuff.

I love these Trekking socks. Tammy and Sarah were shocked when I told them that these socks made me want to rip out all of my other socks and knit them again. They fit like a second skin.

Bryan's Mom is flying in on Saturday to visit for a week. I'm so excited that she's coming and partly because I can't wait to get in some real knitting time while she plays with Owen and cuddles with Ailish.

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Tammy said...

"The truth is out there." And yes, you are nuts for wanting to rip out all previous socks. that would prevent you from purchasing new sock yarn to knit socks to replace the old ones. See? I have a plan!