Thursday, July 19, 2007

Here and There

Here and there perfectly describes my knitting. There hasn't been as much luxurious knitting time as I thought I might have with the Mother In Law in town, but we've been having a lot of fun taking her around so I've caught little chunks of time while in the car. Thankfully, I don't get carsick so this has worked out really well for me!

Though there may not be much knitting going on, I did have a chance to finish the Scrunchable Scarf! I took it with me on Sunday afternoon when I met Sarah, Tammy and Ginger at Starbucks for some knitting and chatting. Scarf knitting seems to drag on and on but when you become determined at finishing it's amazing how quickly it can go! I got a huge chunk done on the scarf at Starbucks and then worked on it more before going to bed and then finished it up the very next morning after one of Ailish's early morning feedings.

The Scrunchable Scarf is going into the gift box and will be given to Jared for Christmas. I love seeing the gift box fill up!

To leave you giddy with anticipation, in the next blog post you will see something you have never ever seen before. What is it?! Tune in next time!

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Tammy said...

WhooHoo - an FO! And I'm dying of curiosity over your cliffhanger!