Monday, April 24, 2006

I'm a bad secret pal!

Last Friday I received my last package from my SP7 pal, and I never even blogged about it!

Um... oops!

My wonderful secret pal was Meg and she did a wonderful job of spoiling me! Throughout the exchange we realized that we had quite a few things in common... which always makes things more fun.
In this last package I found a great basic sock pattern that included several variations to build on. I'm so excited about this pattern, especially since it came with a ball of Trekking XXL yarn! (The girl knows my love for the Trekking!) It has the most beautiful shades of blue and I can't wait to put it on my needles. There was also some lovely bath stuff in a white jasmine scent. Even hubby dearest thought this stuff smelled great. Score!

Not pictured here are two little gifts for Owen, which I thought was the sweetest and most thoughtful thing for Meg to do. She gave him a dinosaur that lights up and a bouncy ball with a dinosaur inside. The reason they're not shown here is because they were immediately confiscated by the child and played with. The ultimate sign of a good gift. *grin*

Go over and check out Meg's blog! She has such an upbeat personality that really shines through. I've enjoyed perusing her past entries and have added her to my blog reads.
This is what is currently on my needles. The background is my In Full Bloom sweater that is going really well. I'm about 13 inches in and only have 2 more inches until I separate for the arm holes. The other project there is a sock using Sockotta yarn that Mom bought for me to make her some socks. She bought a skein of it for herself and a skein for me, payment I guess? I just finished the gusset decreases on it and I'm pleased with the sock so far. I did a seed stitch rib on the cuff... I think that's what it's called, at least.

This is the sock that is going with me everywhere. I have a new job (long story) and my lunches are only 30 minutes, but I usually have 10 minutes to devote to my sock at lunch and when the phones aren't busy and there aren't issues to resolve I'm allowed to surf the net, read a book, or KNIT! (I asked.)

I'm looking outside our little home office window at the pasture across the street and I remember what drew me to this house. The sky is grey from all the storms we've had today and I fall in love with this 8 foot window and the view that comes with it every time I pass it by.


HibiscuitsGirl said...

I have such a thing for big windows. The weird thing is how uncommon they really are.

I hope everything goes well at your new job! The sock looks great!

Dipsy said...

Hi from Austria! Wow, you received some beautiful things, what a great day when it starts with such a package!
I love the colorline you're using for the socks, looking forward to seeing them finished in all their glory!
Good luck with your new job!

Becky said...

We want a window photo! Please, show us your view :-)