Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What's the theme?

At the last knit in at Simply Fibers, Lana asked me if I had a theme for baby's room? I think that my answer was a little surprising to her and the others. My theme? Avoidance.

There's really not a whole lot that we have for this baby! When we moved from San Diego, CA to Springfield, MO we figured out that it would be more expensive to haul Owen's baby stuff halfway across the country than buy new stuff when we needed it again, so his crib and highchair and all manner of baby paraphernalia was donated to some less fortunate families. Now that we're at the point of needing it again we're not exactly filling the house to the rafters with baby purchases. In fact, other than a few outfits and blankets... and the small stash of yarn that I mean to make stuff for her with... we really don't have anything!

This has carried over a bit to the baby knitting. The log cabin blanket currently stands at 23" square and I haven't picked it up in over a week. I have no other baby projects on the needles and though I know what I could be making since the patterns with their yarn are right there waiting for me... I really don't have much of an urge to start any little tiny things.

Why? Because I've fallen madly in love with UnGranny Smith again. The right front measures 13" and I'm almost excited about casting on for sleeves! (Hurry! Take my temperature!!!) The yarn is fantastic to work with and the color makes me smile whenever I look at it. I look forward to working on it every night and reward myself with knitting time for doing certain tasks. (Spent 2 hours organizing the home office with a 3 year old running around vying for attention? That's worth an hour of uninterrupted knitting time while the child watches Little Einsteins.)

As of tomorrow we're only 12 weeks from the due date, and if baby is anything like her older brother she'll be almost 3 weeks early. Oh, the baby knits will come. I'll feel the undeniable urge soon enough just like tonight I felt the undeniable urge to clean the kitchen junk drawer. In the meantime, I'm enjoying myself!


Tammy said...

Ha! I do the same thing - I cleaned out the utility room and the bathroom cabinets to have guilt-free sock knitting time with you tonight!

Michelle said...

I love it when a languishing project suddenly becomes interesting again. I have a few things on the needles that I'm hoping will do that. :D

Zarah said...

I'm so mad I can't fit in some sock-knitting time with you guys tonight! I'm cruising on the Retro Ribs again - almost done with sock #1! Perhaps I'll take Tammy's sage advice and weave in some ends before starting #2. =)

Meredith said...

I love that sweater! As the queen of procrastination, I can tell you from experience that its always more productive to work under a tight deadline.

Melissa said...

The urge will hit, and then you'll wish it hadn't. :)

Lisa said...

I wanted to thank you girls again for coming out to visit and knit today, I had a great time (just wish I wasn't fighting this cold bug). Can't wait to see you again and meet that new baby. I don't know if I'm doing this posting right, but I'm trying. Thanks again for coming and for introducing me to these blogs...hope to see you again soon!