Saturday, March 31, 2007

Quick Knits

With an adult sized cardigan on the needles for myself, sometimes I feel drawn towards working on something where I'll see results just a little quicker. After all, I'm on the sleeves of the cardigan right now and since I'm working on both sleeves at once they're seeming to take even longer to get through! A girl can't be faulted for wanting a little instant gratification now and then.

Meet instant gratification...Pattern: Made With Love Layette Sweater by Emma Crew
Yarn: Cascade 220 Tweed, 1 skein
Needles: Size 8 Denise circulars
Date Started: March 23, 2007
Date Finished: March 24, 2007
Modifications: None. Instructions are given for the seed stitch hearts and I chose to only put one on the sweater. Looking back, it would be so precious to have one on the top back, too.

I absolutely LOVED making this sweater! It was so quick to knit and I loved the construction of it. The pattern was well written and very easy to follow, even for someone who had never done a sweater from the top down. I will absolutely be making more of these in the small and large size.

I thought I'd take a quick picture of what I was wearing today! That's the cardigan I knit last year from Creative Knitting. I was excited to put on something handmade that looked cute and not in a maternity way. I got a lot of compliments on it while I was out and no one could believe that I had made it!

We're at 32 weeks pregnant this week. Yikes! Not long till this baby girl comes, especially if she's 3 weeks early like Owen was.

That's why I bought these...
Did anyone see the latest post at The Blue Blog? Allison knit the cutest pants for Baby L and put the pattern up on her website. I'm thinking that baby girl needs some baby bell bottoms, too!

Simply Fibers is in the middle of their big annual sale and the knitterly girls and I met there last night to get in on the fiber action. The Cascade 220 is destined for the next sweater I have planned for myself, the Neck Down Shaped Cardigan (#241) from Knitting Pure And Simple. I won't be doing the tie for the front but think that a clasp will do beautifully.

I really enjoyed working with Manos Cotton Stria when I made the kimono type sweater for the baby and when I saw this color I fell in love. I'll be making a simple wrap for the summer based on a pattern that I got at Simply Fibers a while back.

I have quite a lot of knitting on my plate!


Anonymous said...

I'm certainly not faulting you for wanting instant gratification sometimes...I know I do! That little cardi is adorable. And so is the one you made (that you can still wear!).

Zarah said...

Do your cardi and baby's new cardi match as well in real life as they do in the pictures? Adorable!

Tammy said...

Wow! That is a extremely quick knit - 1 day for a sweater (even a small one)! I'm impressed!

Meredith said...

You never cease to amaze me Brianne. You're just so fast! Great to see you at the sale Friday night. We all need to get together for a little quality knitting time sometime soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow the sweater is so cute! I'm envious of your speed knitting! My baby sweater is *technically* off the needles, but it's unfinished! I may have to frog the thing and start over but I wanted some expert knitterly advice first!

Your belly is looking so cute too!