Sunday, April 08, 2007

The State Of The Needles

I thought it high time that I give a current assessment of all of my current projects that are on the needles. Every once in a while a girl needs to take a look at where she is. This is my time.

I start with the Ungranny Smith cardigan from Knitty's Spring 2006 issue. I started this project in November (?) and here is where I am. Sleeves. Oh, you sleeves which frustrate me with your constant increases, how I wish that you were finished!

Then again, if I were finished with the sleeves I'd just be faced with picking up a million and a half stitches with size 3 US needles for the ribbing around the front and collar. You know, if I really put my mind to it I could have this cardi finished in about 3 weeks. That's really not going to happen, though.

Next, I bring you the Baby Bell Bottoms from The Blue Blog's Alison. As soon as I saw the pattern I knew that I had to make some for baby. This is a picture from Thursday night's knitting session with Tammy at Panera. One almost finished blue pair of pants and a just started cream pair.
And a picture from about 22 minutes ago....
Done! With elastic waistband sewn in and everything!

Pattern: Baby Bell Bottoms by Alison Hansel
Needles: Size 6 US Denise Circs
Yarn: Plymouth Yarn's Jeannee in color 10 (blue) and 7 (cream)
Date Started: March 31, 2007
Date Finished: April 8, 2007 (for both pairs)
Modifications: None
Notes: I think that next time I'd be interested in working both legs at once using the Magic Loop method so that there was no seaming of the legs involved.

Also finished this week were Mom's most coveted brown socks that I don't have any pictures of! How on earth did I just spend an entire weekend with her and not get any pictures of her with the new socks?! I'll see if she can help me out with that problem.

Pattern: Garter Basketweave from Sensational Knitted Socks
Needles: Size 1 US dpns
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in Chocolate from
Date Started: February 17, 2007
Date Finished: April 1, 2007
Modifications: None
Notes: None

I have another pair of socks on the needles currently. I thought that I'd work on a simple sock but wanted to mix things up a bit so I'm using the Magic Loop method on these. Nothing fancy, just a 2x2 ribbed cuff with stockinette in the leg and foot. I'm using some Sockotta that Mom bought for me last January while she was visiting my sister in San Diego and the bright colors make me think of Spring. The first sock is done and I have about 3" done on the leg of the second sock.

Today I started a gauge swatch for the Baby Bolero in Debbie Bliss' Simply Baby. There's nothing like doing a gauge swatch in the completely wrong size needles to make you wonder if it's a bad omen for the whole project. Nevertheless, I'll be trying to get gauge again and should have much better results this time.

Both Tammy and Sarah have decided to not buy any yarn this Summer and after digging through my stash on Saturday morning I think I could certainly join them on this journey without feeling any ill effects for a while. I forget just how much great yarn I have at my disposal. Yes, I may have to get creative with some of it (what does one do with an individual skein of bulky, hand-dyed yarn?) but I see it as a challenge. So, therefore, I'm pledging that I will not purchase any yarn until after August 1, 2007. That's 4 months and I think that I can do it!!!


Tammy said...

I can't believe you finished the other pair of baby bell bottoms! They're too cute!

And, I'm gonna have to watch and see how this magic loop technique works - I've never known anyone who's done it.

Kate said...

I think we should bring our yarn to the Sit N' Knit and do a yarn exchange. Boys have their baseball cards; we have yarn.

I love the baby bell bottoms. I'm so happy you're a magic looper! I've got heart set on learning it too and it's so great when there is someone who can help!

Zarah said...

I think it will be much easier to stick to the no-yarn rule if the rest of us aren't ENABLING the others (you know what I'm talking about!) The baby bell bottoms are adorable. Glad someone can wear knitted pants, cause it sure isn't me!!!

Michelle said...

Those baby bell bottoms are too cute. Looks like a fun and quick knit.
No yarn for 4 months! My DH would be thrilled if I could do that. As it is I think I may be joining you for a couple of those months. I've been digging through the stash lately and holy crap I own a ton of yarn. Hell, I just need to finish some of the things on my needles. Hahaha.