Saturday, April 14, 2007

And now for something completely different

On Thursday I purchased the needles I would need to successfully swatch the Baby Bolero. They're still in their packages. I was so excited about starting the bolero but my focus was not long maintained. I'm sure those needles will come out sometime this week, but I wouldn't be holding my breath if I were you.

No, I've been trying to faithfully work on the UnGranny Smith cardigan while I'm at home and the Sockotta socks while at work. The sleeves haven't changed much, they're just a few inches longer so I won't bore you with pictures! The socks, which I haven't taken any pictures of, are close to being done. I'll finish them up this weekend and get them on my feet for a photo shoot!

This morning, though, I was tempted by something else. While poking around Michael's a little while back I found an adorable birth announcement kit that I thought would be perfect for Owen. (Yes, I'm a little behind. You should see his scrapbook.) It's got bold blues and reds which is how his room is decorated. I started working on the first block of it a couple of weeks ago while I was at home after the car accident and then put it down. This morning I got some more of it finished and it will probably be put away again for a little longer.

I like being able to pick up other crafts now and then. Cross stitch is perfect for that kind of thing, I think. There's no wondering "Where did I leave off?" or "How does this stitch pattern go?" Although, I must say that I could never see myself doing a cross stitch in the car like I do with knitting.

And speaking of cars, we have purchased a vehicle to replace my poor Sorento that was totaled. My grandmother decided that with only about 10 years of driving left in her that she wanted a luxury car and wouldn't you know that she went and bought herself a fully loaded 2007 Lexus RX yesterday. We've purchased her 1999 Dodge Durango from her (with low mileage also fully loaded!) and she gave us the keys and car yesterday on her way home from the dealership. Owen and I sat in the backseat of the Durango for a few minutes and Owen said, "Nice car! My Rocket?" I think he'll tolerate the change well.

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Melissa said...

Very cute. Congrats on the new ride!