Saturday, April 21, 2007

I am weak

So you know that yarn moratorium thing? Yeah, I already broke it. I only feel the slightest bit of remorse.

Yesterday was slooooooow at work because our FTP site was down, therefore we weren't able to receive orders from customers. We'd let people know about it in advance so there wasn't anyone calling frantically trying to figure out why their order wasn't sending. The lab manager was letting people in production go early and came up to tell customer service that one of us could go as well. Being that my supervisor and the lead cs rep were working on software stuff and my other coworker said she could use the money, I sacrificed of myself and left at 1:30.

I called Bryan to give him the joyous news and told him that I was going to pick up Owen from daycare and that we were going to go to the park. He reminded me that they had just started nap and that he wouldn't be up until 3:00, so maybe I could go to the yarn store to hang out and buy something. (This is why I married Bryan!) No, no buying yarn because I'm not buying yarn until August 1st.

Then I got to Simply Fibers. Maddie and I talked while I worked on the cotton stria wrap. It was quiet and cool in the store. Then I spotted it. The Jeanne yarn that I had used to make the baby bell bottoms... Carol had gotten in more colors! And, there was an adorable pattern for a swing top (it's the second one from the left) that would just look too cute with the pants. That's when I caved.

Last night was a good knitting night for me! I have a bit of startitis right now, (perhaps because we're finally prepared for the baby?), and I wound up some Sock Memories in S'mores that I've had since last summer and started knitting. This morning I finished the gusset decreases on the first sock. Not too shabby! Then I swatched for the Baby Bolero with the correct needle sizes and made gauge! Right now I'm almost done with the back of the bolero. Cute little baby jackets sure don't take long to make progress on!

Tomorrow after church we're driving to Bolivar to pick up a Wii that Bryan scored off of Craigslist. He's so stinking excited that it feels like Christmas. Me? I'm excited to have some time to knit in the car.


Tammy said...

Score! I think if the husband sends you to the yarn store, then he's responsible for the purchasing that ensues!

BTW, that bunny is too cute!

Melissa said...

Go to the yarn store and not buy yarn?? made the right decision.

Michelle said...

I agree with Tiffany. This one totally shouldn't count. :D It's an adorable pattern. Who could resist that?