Friday, October 05, 2007

It's Friday again!

I'm really loving my new job and forgot how much I truly enjoyed working in a medical environment. I don't think I actually mentioned what my new job is, but I'm working for a large hospital in Springfield in their admissions department. My job entails a lot of things but for the most part I'll be working Labor & Delivery triage as well as Bed Control, both fast-paced and high-stress areas. Unlike my last job, there is no down time where I'll be knitting! However, this job already feels fulfilling. I go home at the end of the day knowing that I helped people and that's a great feeling.

Because I'm still technically in training my hours have varied so that I can do my training rounds in the different departments. This irregular schedule has messed with my internal calendar and I spent all day thinking it was Friday only to be reminded that it wasn't every time I went to enter a date in the computer or on paperwork. Darn. So it's Friday again and I couldn't be happier because my brothers are spending the weekend with us!

My brothers are incredible with my kids and the three boys play so well together while sweet baby girl is happy to watch them and bestow smiles and giggles graciously and generously. With the kids busy entertaining themselves I'm hoping to sneak in a little knitting time here and there. I've been working on a shrug that's knit in one piece and designed by little ol' me! That's what the red yarn and swatch from the last post were for. I did math!

Here's what it looked like about two weeks ago. I've finished one sleeve and am currently at the middle of the back. The outer edge of the sleeve has 4 quatrefoils that I think will look better after a washing and blocking.

A close up of the quatrefoils for you. Also, the color in this second picture is much more true to life than the first one. I'm not one for garish colors and the red is much more muted than what that first image portrays.

This shrug is going to be perfect for the fall and winter but I'm not too concerned about finishing it right this second because it is going to be 88 degrees today. The past couple days have been so warm that I've brought back out the toe-up Jaywalkers to work on. I'm turning the heel on the second sock and after that it shouldn't be long before I can finally call these socks done! Sarah invited me to join the Socktoberfest group on Ravelry and I did so with finishing these socks as my only goal!!! If I don't achieve that goal it would be very sad, indeed.

Finally, what good is having friends if you can't brag about them? Our local 417 Magazine did an article on knitting in the Ozarks and interviewed Sarah and Kate for it! There's even a fabulous picture of Sarah and Tammy working on their socks. Kate designed a beginners hat pattern that the magazine published and she brought the sample hat with her to our girly movie night on Saturday. Look who modeled the hat for us on Saturday?

"It was very nice of my favorite Kate to make this hat for me. I look great in hats.
What do you mean this hat isn't for me?"

"Oh well, I'll still model it for you. This is my contemplative look
that I've been working on recently. What do you think?"


Tammy said...

Adorable hat; adorable baby! You're going to have to teach me those quatrefoils - I've never heard that term before.

Kate said...

I'm so lucky to be photographed with little baby Ailish! Now I'm *really* walking up the fame charts! ;) Can't wait to see the shrug all done.

Romi said...

OMG. What a totally adorable baby!

Catherine Kerth said...

i'm so glad that you find your work fulfilling! its a hard thing to do.... (find a job you love)