Thursday, October 25, 2007


I may not have a lot of time to knit right now but I sure do have a lot of beautiful yarn to look at and make plans for!
Colinette Jitterbug in colorway Sea Breeze

Berrocco Peruvia in color 7130...

which will become warm Winter pants for a certain little girl...

because she has completely outgrown these.

The weather has grown cool and I happily wrap Owen up in handknit love before putting him on the schoolbus. He can still fit into the brown sweater and blue, black and purple hat that I made for him in 2005. The hat, in particular, is a much loved piece of apparel and he refused to wear a store bought hat this morning and ran to get his hand knit one.

I'm getting the urge to knit warm, wooly items. I cast on for a pair of pants for Ailish using hand-dyed (not by me) Cascade 220. I'm thinking that I want to make Owen another sweater and am debating about what pattern to use. And this morning I sighed as I walked past the red shrug that has been sitting dejectedly in a corner. Ailish needs some mittens and a hat. Owen could use another hat, too. And I'm so close to starting toe decreases on Bryan's sock that I can almost feel myself doing k2tog as I type!

There's so much to knit and so little time! Where do I start? It is such a wonderful problem to have. It's a blessing to have so many loved ones!

And just to whet your palette, this is not the only yarn I've gotten recently! Next time I'll show off some birthday yarn and a gift from my Secret Pal that had me jumping around my kitchen.

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