Monday, October 15, 2007

This week I was surprised by another package from my Secret Pal!

She sent a supply of yummy bath items which included body cream, organic soap and some bath confetti. My pal also made me a hand towel in neopolitan colors and sent a little zippered bag to keep it all in. Thank you!

Lately, I've felt like life is too short to knit something you don't like. This has caused me to take a few things off the needles! Allow me to show you...

Here we have the Mason Dixon Moss Grid Hand Towel. I started this in July and up until last week had only worked about 4 inches on it. For various reasons I never wanted to knit on this project! This week I knit 3 more inches on it and cast off, creating the Moss Grid Hand Towelette.

I have most of a skein left over from this project that will find a new home with whomever wants it. It is Tristan, a wool/linen blend in a kicky fuschia color. Leave the first comment claiming it and it is yours!

Lastly, the Jaywalkers in Regia Silk Color. These were made Magic Loop, toe up and two at a time. The yarn is beautiful and feels fantastic, but was a bit splitty and I don't think my Addi Turbos were sharp enough to handle the increasing and decreasing.

By the time I got to the end of these socks I didn't want to look at them again. Trying them on only to find that they were a bit snug and that I didn't like the fit of the heel only sealed the deal. They found a loving owner in my Mom who had way too much fun modeling them around the house. Seeing her with them made me so happy.

We'll see where my knitting takes me now!


Zarah said...

You're the only knitter I know who could "clear out" old projects and end up with two FOs! So.... what is it that you ARE excited about working on?

Anonymous said...

The finished projects look great! I'm glad you received the package.
Your SP

Tammy said...

I completely understand about the Moss Grid Hand Towel - I wasn't overly excited about mine either - gee, wish I'd thought to make it smaller! And I love the Jays - glad I have that same yarn! :-)

Kate said...

I was just saying that I need to finish my Irish Hiking Scarf... talk about a long WIP! I'm almost done, I just set it aside. The socks look great!!

Catherine Kerth said...

so sorry that you didn't like your jaywalkers...but they look fab on your mom's feet! ;)

Yarn Thing said...

My mom is almost always the recipient of my knit socks too. Even when I don't intend to give them to her she comes to my house claims that her feet are cold and steals a pair of my hand knit socks...only to wear them home and I never see them again. Funny how that happens :-) LOL!

I have never made the Jaywalkers...are they easy? I know just about everybody has made them...maybe someday I will make them...but I don't know when ;-)