Saturday, June 25, 2005

Clay 'n Latte Adventures

At Chuck E. Cheese on Monday, Mom decided to make a voyage to Cafe & Latte in Vista, next to Krikorian Theater. We hadn't been, but had talked about it for almost a year. Mom figured that with Dad in Branson this week it would be a great activity for the gang.

Catie Joy came over to babysit Owen (I love her!) and I was off. They don't open until 11, but having Catie over early gave me a chance to weigh in, grab a Starbucks, and read in the car for 15 minutes before going inside. It was so nice. No running around like a mad woman. I looked composed! ;)

Mom, Heather, Jared & Isaac were at the door promptly at 11am and I met them there after seeing the doors open. Jared & Isaac both picked out dogs to paint, Heather chose a very cute mug, Mom found a large oval serving bowl she loved and I decided on a charger plate.

Isaac was having "a day" and after 15 minutes he was "all done" and "ready to go". Jared worked on his for almost 2 hours and ended up turning a rose on the dog's belly into a wound that made the dog shed a tear. It was the saddest looking dog I've ever seen, and I'm not quite sure why you'd want to paint that, but whatever. Heather found a hydrangea stamp that didn't quite turn out how she thought it would, and improvised after that. Her mug turned out beautiful, though I think she will have wished she put more color on it once she sees it. Mom found inspiration in a demo bowl that the owner painted. She changed the bright palatte to more muted tones and did a great job on it! I also found inspiration, but in a 3/4" cut out from a catalog. The plate is very Mary Englebreight and so cute. The outside is yellow background with flowers, bordered on the inside by blue check with black words saying, "You are Special!"

These things took forever for Heather, Mom and me to make. We didn't end up leaving for lunch until 3pm. Good gracious! My hands were a little shaky at the end due to the late lunch, and I was wishing I had brought an LA Lite to snack on.We get our booty back on Tuesday after 5pm (so Wednesday) and I really hope they turn out! :D We all agreed that when the fam comes out at Thanksgiving that we'll have to do it again... but minus Isaac.

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