Friday, January 13, 2006

Good Gracious!

I'm a sock knitter!!!

I just finished turning the heel and picking up the gusset on my first pair of socks. Woah! Turning the heel was a bit tricky, but picking up those stitches was easier than I thought it would be. I'm really enjoying the sock knitting and see why some people *coughLauracough* are addicted.

Mom and I took a mittens class at our LYS tonight! It was my first official knitting class and first time really getting together with other knitters. I loved being able to share the obsession with others who could appreciate it. (Hubby dearest tries to be understanding about it, but I know that it's more because he loves me than for real interest in the wooly wonders I "whip up".) The class itself wasn't anything too difficult. We're making fingerless mittens from the Weekend Knitting book. They're being knit on straight needles and seamed together using a three-needle bind off.

Though they're an easy project, it is incorporating a few new techniques for me:

~ short rows
~ button holes (for the thumb)
~ three-needle bind off

I'm using Manos del Uruguay in color #28. I've never used Manos before and I'm really liking it, though I think that I have more thick and thin in this skein than in Mom's skein, but it is making the finished product more interesting! I'll post a picture of this work in progress and of my sock tomorrow.

By the way, I'm one strong woman! I spent 2 1/2 hours in a yarn store and only bought the needles and skein of yarn necessary for the project... in complete compliance with the Stashalong rules and regulations. That was difficult. I loved being in the yarn store with my fellow knitters surrounded by all that yarn, but I really wanted to buy yarn.

My current works in progress:

1. Hopeful. Lace middle and first end section completed. I just picked up the stitches on the second end and worked about 3 inches. Only 17 inches left to go and it'll be done!

2. Irish Hiking Scarf. Yeah, I haven't worked on this. I'm still at the halfway point.

3. Stashbusting tank tops. Laura found a great pattern for these! Email me with your address and you'll find a little something in your mailbox. Yay!

4. Owen's Sweater Vest. The front part is almost finished. I had to rip back the v-neck because I didn't start the shaping early enough, but that's easy enough fixed. My plan is to have this finished by the end of the weekend. The exciting thing is that I have someone who wants me to do sizing for a 4T so that they can make one for a family member! I think I'll probably end up doing a few sizes and then making it available as a free pattern here. What do you think?

5. The socks. Oh yeah.

6. Fingerless mittens. It's a good thing.

Am I going a little crazy with the knitting?


Beverly said...

I've made that Weekend Knitting pattern twice...once for my SP6. It's hard to give those mitts away--you'll love them.

Dani said...

Oh no, sock knitting is very dangerous. There are SO many beautiful sock yarns out there... I'm not sure how long your Stashalong will last if you become an avid sock knitter ;)
Happy (belated) New Year!
Dani - the lurker

Kim said...

Congrats on turning the heel--isn't it cool! And a HUGE pat on the back for making it through 2.5 hours in a yarn shop and not getting anything more than what you needed for your class:) Just popping through on weekly Stashalong check--Happy knitting!

Laura said...

I love those mitts too -- I have also made them twice and am thinking about another pair. So fun and fast.

Your Stashalong intentions are indeed in peril if you become a sock knitter. I have bought a LOT of sock yarn lately. Sorry I'm dragging you into this addiction. Do you watch Lost? I feel a little like Charlie's older brother. Tho' I am still a big time "user." LOL!

Did Wendy have a tank top pattern? I will email you my address, because I can't resist getting mail from an actual person that I know. Thanks! :)

knittinmom said...

There's nothing like turning your first heel! And I see that you have an Owen - I've got one, too! You're all signed up for the sock-a-month knit-along. Can't wait to see your first pair!

Stricken madchen said...

Congrats on starting your first sock! (and for your compliment on my blog!). It's an exciting, addicting adventure. ;-)