Friday, January 06, 2006

The stash... it is decreasing!

I'm motivated and also challenged by this whole stash decreasing thing. I really want to make stuff with my yarn, but sometimes I'm really clueless as to what to make with it. Prime example: Bright pink and a little bit of purple yarn in Baby Soft by Lion Brand. I know what I had in mind for this when I first bought it (baby blanket, when mixed with other colors) but this doesn't want to be a baby blanket. I could make something for Owen, but Bryan would take away my knitting needles and then I'd have to cry.

Then I realized that I know people who have little girls! My friend Heather has two little girls (age 2 and almost 1) and my cousin Ashley has a little girl who will be 1 soon. I have enough of this yarn to make at least 3 tank tops and probably a little purse for the 2 year old. Anna, Grace and Adele will be sporting some handmade lovin'!

I'm kind of fudging a pattern for this right now. If anyone has any ideas where I can find a cute free pattern for those sizing... you'd have my eternal thanks and possibly a wooly surprise in the mail from me!

An update on my works in progress:


Doing not so well. I've ripped back this baby five times and you're looking at try #6 which will also be frogged. I keep decreasing unintentionally and it's a pain in the rear. I even broke out the "Crocheting For Dummies" book.

I'm not giving up on this project, but I'm also not going to put it to the side. This is something I'm determined to finish soon and so I'm going to stick with it... even if it kills me!

This would be the yarn for Hopeful. 6 skeins of Peace Fleece. Though it's not the softest yarn, I've really enjoyed working with it. I adore the color and I know I'll love to wear it and use it once it's actually done.

Irish Hiking Scarf...

I've made great progress on this project and I know that it'll be done in time for my grandma's birthday. Apparently she's planning a visit to Missouri in February (her birthday month) so I'll be able to give it to her in person which will be so much more gratifying than sending it to her by mail and not being able to see her reaction.

I'd like to do another cabling project soon, though I'd like to have it be some different cables. My soon to be brother-in-law loves Celtic history and I'm thinking maybe a lapghan size throw with some celtic knots? The wedding is in June, so that'd give me enough time to pick the yarn and design the pattern.

I have plenty to work on. My ISE 2 scarf and hat are blocking in the other room as we speak. There are projects by my couch. So why do I have the sudden urge to start learning socks?


Stricken madchen said...

3 tanks would be so cute! One free pattern from Crystal Palace might work. Go to, scroll down to the Girl's Party Tank Top. Since this one is knit with size 10 needles and you would use smaller needles with your yarn, the smallest size might work for the younger girls?
If I see any other patterns, I'll let you know. ;-)

Kim said...

You know I have a bunch of Lion Brand I bought for one thing and now I'm using it for my Preemie Project donations(it's funny how you change your mind on things, isn't it). I feel your pain with the frogging and refrogging of Hopeful--the same thing happens to me everytime I work on lace. Just my Stashalong flyby--have a great week!

Laura said...

You might check Knit and Tonic. I think Wendy might have a little girl's tank top pattern up there.

Socks...they're calling you. Socks are big time fun. :)

Beverly said...

I'm getting the sock fever, too! I promised my bf and sister a post-Christmas pair, and I'm knitting a pair for me in a Jaywalker KAL that my SnB group is doing! I want to try that two circs method...xx