Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I completed my first FO of 2006! Woohoo! It's a crochet hook roll thingy. No longer will my crochet hooks be stuffed in my notions bag. No! Thank heavens, too, because I was starting to run out of room.

Pattern: A modified free pattern from the girls at my LYS
Yarn: Plymouth Wildflower from the stash (1 skein)
Needles: Size 5 circs from my Denise set

Tonight was supposed to be a knitting night with some ladies in the Springfield area. We were to meet at the Barnes & Noble across from Battlefield Mall. Either I missed everyone or it got cancelled without me knowing because I couldn't find a knitter anywhere in that store. I was determined to knit since I had a wonderful hubby at home taking care of our son... so this is how I ended up. Quite nice and I actually had a wonderful time and got many compliments on the scarf and on my amazing knitting skills. (Amazing to the untaught, but I'll take whatever I can get!)

I said that I would write about my knitting goals for this year. I suppose now is as good a time as any! My main goal is to really challenge myself with new things. New skills, new projects, and even to work on a few things that may scare me a little bit. For example, it doesn't scare me at all to make a sweater for Owen, but the thought of making a garment for myself makes my knees shake a bit. I don't know why, but I think it's time to change that!

I'd also like to get myself a little better organized. Right now my patterns are all together, as are my notions, needles and hooks... but the yarn stash is a whole different story. It's mainly in a open bin... and creeping outside of the bin in bags and boxes. I'd love to get it sorted and bagged.

The last thing is that I'd like to change the way I buy yarn. I often go into a store and see yarn, and buy a skein of it with no thought as to what I'll use it for... it's just pretty. Now that's not a problem if you're doing it occasionally, but let's just say that I have a lot of lonely skeins in my stash that really have nothing going for them. I'd like to be more deliberate when I buy yarn. Either having a pattern in mind, or buying enough of it that I could really do something with it... even if it's something small, like a Sunday vest for Owen.

I joined the Stashalong and am committed to working down my stash so that it's ready for some serious knitting projects. Oh, I hope that I can do this! It'll be hard not to buy yarn for three months!!! Luckily, we're aloud to buy yarn for any classes we might be taking. I'm taking three classes with Mom at our LYS between January and the end of March, so that'll give me a needed fix.

And finally, for my sister, Heather... a picture of my new hair cut! You like?


Laura said...

Join the What's Your Skein knitalong! It's here. You should get many good ideas for things to do with those single pretty skeins. Plus, stash reduction! It's all good!

That haircut is seriously cute. I love it.

Brianne said...


You've got the best ideas! I'm definitely going to join!!!

Thanks for the compliment on my hair. Love the cut. That picture was taken on a day when I just brushed it and let it air dry. A little hairspray and voila!

Cheryl said...

your hair cut is cute!! look how cute you are!!

Brianne said...

Well aren't you just the sweetest thing, Cheryl! Lots of internet hugs for you!