Sunday, June 25, 2006

In Full Bloom

With friends Lana, Saran and Mom cheering me on, I worked on seaming the sweater at Simply Fibers on Saturday. I finished it while I was there and then picked up stitches for the button band at home. Bryan asked for a fashion show after I finished binding off all 302 stitches, but I had to wait until the buttons were on and I truly had a Finished Project!

At 10:30pm I sewed on the last of the buttons and put on my first sweater. I had made Owen a sweater back in November but that felt more like the practice leading up to the Olympics. After all, his sweater was a raglan sleeved pull-over with just a plain straight neck. This, my friends, is a real sweater. Set in sleeves, v-neck, button band and everything.

I'm proud of this sweater. So proud that I decided that I had to wear it to church today. Heat Stroke? Meh, whatever. I have handknits!!!

Project Details:
Pattern: In Full Bloom, Creative Knitting March 2006
Yarn: Cotton Fleece
Needles: Size 4 and 6US 40" circulars, Addi Turbo
Date Started: April 6, 2006
Date Completed: June 24, 2006


Lana said...

Your *sweat*er looks so nice on you!!! Congrats on your finished item:D It was great to finally meet up! Let's not wait another year to do it again!

beverly said...

It's so pretty!!! Wonderful work!

Zarah said...

It looks fabulous! (And I was just getting ready to pester you about it, too! Darn, you beat me to it!)

del said...

The sweater looks fabulous! You SHOULD be proud!!

Laura said...

That's beautiful, Brianne! Kudos to you for taking on such a challenging first (adult) sweater! Set-in sleeves, buttonbands, etc. make me a little woozy just to think about! :) You did a great job.

Michelle said...

It turned out so lovely! I hope you enjoy it for a long long time.

Tam said...

The sweater looks great! And a little heat stroke never hurt anyone.... or maybe it did... Oh well!

Jen:) said...

Your sweater looks incredible! Great job :)

I hope you enjoy it every time you wear it! Maybe a cool front will move in just for your sweater ;)

Melissa said...

The sweater looks great! I'm prespiring just looking at it, but it looks wonderful! Great job!