Monday, June 12, 2006

Just a little razzle dazzle

Learning to divert your child's attention away from something you don't want them to touch/lick/eat/play with/see/hear/do is one of the first things you must learn in order to survive parenthood. I learned this lesson well with my younger brothers and it came in handy with babysitting and, later, my own little munchkin.

I'm going to use this today in the hopes that you won't notice that I don't have any knitting pictures to show you. Why don't I have anything interesting to show you? Because I have hit the proverbial wall with the In Full Bloom sweater. I just finished the sleeve increases and only have two more inches before I do sleeve cap shaping, but I swear this is the longest two inches I've ever encountered. I'm in that black hole of knitting where I knit several rows and measure and yet haven't gained any length. I'm sure this problem is only exacerbated by the fact that I'm knitting both sleeves at the same time. Perhaps hiding the sweater in a bag and making faces at it before I zipped it shut wasn't the most adult way of handling the situation.

Just to spite the sweater, I decided to make a little felted bag to keep some of my knitting supplies in. Mom and I found a yarn store just down the street from where my in-laws live, so when they picked us up to go to the airport we had to make a stop just to "see what's inside". We came out with a pattern, two skeins of Cascade EcoWool, three skeins of some hand-dyed wool blend and two skeins of Noro Silk Garden. We loved the Silk Garden colorway so much that we each had to buy a skein to make something little with it. I knitted and felted my bag last night and it should be ready for it's photo shoot tonight. That'll show you, sweater.

Tomorrow's post shall be a sad tale of a battle won and and then lost.

Oh look! A starfish!

This is actually part of a bigger display of artwork that is located in a women's' restroom in the San Diego airport.


Dipsy said...

Oh, poor you! I sure know what you're talking about - perhaps these stages are reached with most, if not all, bigger projects we're doing? Perhaps fate invented this to teach us little knitters patience and perseverance? But I'm absolutely sure that you'll be able to crawl out of this black hole soon - maybe you should really put the project away for a while and continue making faces at it :) - and then you'll be able to finish it in an instant! Fingers crossed!

Melissa said...

Art in a restroom. That's interesting!
I give you HUGE props for attempting a sweater (something I'm too chicken for right now).