Friday, December 09, 2005

For those who are wondering why they should joing SP7... some reasons for you.

From my SP6 final package... a sweet angel ornament. This may be handmade! I can't tell just because everything looks so perfect... and from seeing my SP's work that wouldn't surprise me!!!
The cutest measuring tape EVER and a magnet (that is currently holding adnorning my fridge). This is being displayed on a new WIP, my USPS mail carrier's Christmas gift. It's a scarf much like my own Therapy Scarf, but in purple. This is Trendsetter's Zucca which is so soft it's almost like a warm, fluffy cloud around your neck.
A little pick me up in the morning is what I need. (I'm soooo not a morning person.)
And the most wonderful gift... two hand embroidered monogrammed pillowcases. Isn't this beautiful?!

Thank you so much, Lana!!! You've been an amazing Secret Pal.
One last thing I can't help but show off.... Mom's scarf is done. :D The yarn is Reynold's Contessa which is Alpaca and Angora... I was in love! Three skeins made a looong scarf and the fringe is fun and a bit sparkly to add some fun.

The French Market Bag was felted last night and is blocking. The colors are great together and it was a fast knit....... but....

I'm not liking it. This one is not coming together like mine did. I'm so frustrated. I know that Mom will love it (she was over yesterday and saw it... drat!) but it's not the bag I'd hoped it would be.


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Laura said...

Your mom's scarf looks so pretty. What a nice color! And I'm sure she'll love the bag.

And I agree with Owen...snow is not so fun when it's only 7 degrees! We've had some bitterly cold weather here -- so now if it's over 30 it feels warm! :)