Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Happy Belated Seasons Greetings

I'm bringing you pictures of Owen last Christmas as I have just deleted 200 pictures of my sister's visit and this Christmas from my digital camera. Rather than cry, I'll post a cute picture of my kiddo and make myself feel really guilty for a really long time.

And here, as promised, is the Rowan scarf. When we went to the LYS on Heather's last day in town I found some great yarn in the sale bin (I love the sale bin) and wanted to find a good yarn to pair with it to make a scarf. This beauty is Trendsetter Yarn's Liberty in color #6, which is a ribbon type yarn that has a mix of brown and pink... and Rowan Chunky Print in Rage, which is a beautiful chocolatey brown.

I used size 17 needles for this baby (the largest I've used so far!), cast on 15 stitches and did a 1x1 rib so that it would look nice on both sides. Using needles this huge made this a very quick knit, a little under 2 1/2 hours.

It took 2 skeins of Liberty and a little over 1 skein of Chunky Print. The end result was a scarf that was about 8" wide and incredibly long. (I'm 5'6" and the scarf reaches my mid thigh.) It is warm and wonderful to wear.

When Mom saw the yarns she declared that she must have one! So I picked up some extra yarn for her and made the deal that if she purchased the yarn for her scarf, I would make it for her. The scarf shown is actually hers, I just cast on for my scarf tonight.

With holiday knitting done, I'm actually enjoying the thought of working on some projects for myself. I started this project for myself. My own little name for this is "Hopeful", because I honestly believe that next year I'll be holding a new little one in my arms. I'm putting all of my hopes and prayers into this project, and it has been a healing one for me. It has been hard to work on this, since I picked the pattern and purchased the yarn while I was pregnant a few months ago, but with every row I'm building myself up spiritually, mentally and emotionally.


Santa Pal said...

Did you get a package from me or did the mailman abscond with it???
By the way Owen is ADORABLE!!!!

Laura said...

I am so sorry about your pictures! That stinks! Technology is both great, and horrible, isn't it? Your scarf is gorgeous -- and who wouldn't love a non-skimpy scarf done in 2.5 hours? Really, really pretty.

Also, I'll be thinking of you and your hopeful project, and praying that your hopes come to fruition! :)