Thursday, December 22, 2005

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve!

Well, Christmas Eve for my house, at least. Since our first married Christmas, Bryan and I have celebrated our own little Christmas on Christmas Eve because there were too many places to go on Christmas Day. We're continuing that tradition here in Missouri, even if we don't have four houses to go to on Christmas Day!

My holiday knitting, I'm glad to say, is done and wrapped up ready for giving! Mom's scarf and French Market Bag... Heather's gift bag was given to her last Saturday for her "Christmas" here with us... Jared & Isaac both have little crocheted zipper bags with their initials on them. Bryan, Owen and Dad aren't receiving any special holiday knits this year. Owen has his two new hats I made, Dad may or may not want a hat (he hasn't decided yet) and Bryan is a little amibiguous about wether or not he wants me to make him anything.

Isaac is all over the knitted hats I made Owen. I showed one to him and he very promptly asked, "Where is my hat? Are you making me one, too?" Well, how on earth could I pass that up?! He has decided that his hat is to be red, not orange like the scarf I made him, and it is most important that it has stripes. Isaac has an autism spectrum disorder and his clothes are a big deal to him. He prefers to only wear stripes and all the better if they are orange with stripes. We couldn't understand it for the longest time, but once he was diagnosed with Asperger's and we began to read up on it, we understood more.

Heather is back safely in San Diego, though she was delayed at St. Louis for an hour due to a repair that needed to be made on the plane. Apparently one of the oxygen mask releasing thingies was broken and it took an hour to be fixed. What was the solution? Duct tape. I'm dead serious. She said that the repair man finally duct taped the thing shut and then they moved the passengers from that row of seats and took off flying. I kid you not. Makes you feel all sorts of safe, no?

We stopped one more time at the LYS before taking her to the airport. A girl needs something to do while in the air, you know! She found some fun yarn. That is actually the name of it! Fun. It's a great green color and she'll be doing garter stitch. I showed her how to purl a couple of days before she left, but I think it'll be a little bit longer before she's ready to use it. She feels like she needs to get a little more time under her belt.

Hopefully I'll have a couple of pictures up tomorrow. I have about 200 of them sitting on my digital camera and I need to name and sort them before I do anything with them. There are some great pictures of Owen on Dad's new ATV. (He'd point to it and say, "My bike? BIG BIKE!!!")

But to wet your palette I have two words for you..... Rowan Scarf. Come back tomorrow to see!

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