Friday, December 16, 2005

I'm addicted

to hats.

I'm in love with them right now. I love that I can make a hat in a night. I love that I can stashbust and have a great project. It's like having my cake and eating it, too.

You know what else I love? I love that I've just mastered DPNs. I was so freaked out by them... but no longer! I can totally use them. I rock! Many thanks to Maddie at my LYS, Simply Fibers in Springfield, MO, for showing me how to use them. Woohoo!

I realize that I've been absent lately, but my sister is in town visiting from Costa Mesa, CA... in Orange County (The OC) for those of you who watch or know about the show. She flew in on Monday night and will be here until Tuesday, so I'm getting in all the time that I can with her. It's odd not having seen Heather for 3 months and knowing that I won't see her again for another 5 months once she's gone back home.

Mom was convinced that Heather needed to learn how to knit while she was here, so I begrudgingly went to the yarn store with them to help find a good starter scarf project for her... then Mom made me teach her how to knit and sit with them for 2 hours while we worked on our knitting. We're having an early Christmas while Heather is in town and so I'm sure I'll be knitting with them tonight and tomorrow, too... darn it.

I've completed a ton of projects lately! Yay! Heather's gift bag is finished and ready for gifting. Isaac's little bag is done and Jared's will need another hour of work to finish. Owen's hat is also done, as well as one for me... and I had enough yarn left over from my hat that I'm making Owen one to match. I used Plassard's Symphonie and I LOVE IT. It's the first yarn that Bryan has ever said, "That's really cool yarn!" Dad has even mentioned that he'd like a hat after seeing Owen's hat. I was so happy to hear it! Why? Because I'm addicted to hats.


Laura said...

OK, first of all, I'd have guessed Heather was your sister -- you look so much alike! My sister is coming next week and I am psyched. Yay, sister visits!

And how GENEROUS of you to go to the LYS, and sit and knit, all so your sister could learn. These sacrifices are tough. need to join the hatalong! It's at! It's ongoing so you can join even if you're not planning to make more hats for awhile. Send me an email at knitterlaura at yahoo dot com if you want to join!

Lolly said...

Hey! Love all of the hats! I used to hate DPNS, but now, I am quite fond of them. I choose to use them ;)

Lucky you for the sister time too!