Friday, February 24, 2006


There has been drama and much therapy knitting in the House of Keene since my last post. Bryan finally quit his job, with my blessing though, and so one stress (being in a terrible job with no hope for improvement) was concluded and one stress began (where will he work now).

Thankfully, the very next day Bryan found a job and he starts on Monday. However, we're looking over the budget and realizing that it is time for Brianne to get back to work. The at-home Mom gig is done and it's time for me to dust off my work wardrobe and polish up the resume.

That's consumed most of our time since Tuesday. There's been a lot of driving and time spent in the car with kiddie music and toys that make noise. There's been a lot of me or Bryan sitting in the car with kiddie music and noisy toys while the other was in a building flashing our pearly whites and sending out vibes of, 'I'm perfect. You want me.'

Thankfully, Brianne has an iPod and it is loaded with music. I had just downloaded many knitting podcasts onto the iPod and so while Bryan was inside I was happy to listen to podcasts about knitting while I knit on this:
That would be the Drawstring Gift Bag from Last Minute Knitted Gifts. I made one for my sister for Christmas and it is a great carrying-around kind of project. This one will be another gift for someone and I'm really pleased at how much easier it is to knit this time around than it was last time. Last time I hated every moment I spent working on it because I was having issues with the yarn. This time, soooo much better!

And while I'm giving you pictures, here's an FO just waiting to get in the mail.
That is a little sample of Miss Honey's Prayer Shawl. I bound off last night during American Idol and started blocking it during our late night showing of "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid" starring Steve Martin. Hopefully it'll be dry by tomorrow morning and I can send it to the lovely lady this is intended for. In case you missed that post, Miss Honey is a sweet lady who is currently battling Uterine Cancer. She needed a Prayer Shawl and I'm the lucky person who got to have the honors. Send some positive thoughts and prayers her way. She needs them.

Project: Miss Honey's Prayer Shawl
Pattern: From the Knitting Into the Mystery book, but can also be found here.
Yarn: 4 Skeins of Cascade 220. 1 Skein each of pink, blue, green and white
Needles: Size 13 US Brittany Birch straights
Thoughts: Next time I'd make this on circs. Though I love the Brittany's it was a pain having straight needles for this project. I love the colors. I love how they all mix and blend from one to another. I'm so pleased with how this turned out and I hope it blesses her immensely.


Zarah said...

The shawl looks great! You'll have to tell me all about your job-hunting at Yarnaholics on Sunday.

HibiscuitsGirl said...

Oh Brianne! I'm just about to head out the door to do the same thing, kids in tow. Time for this work-at-home mommy to find work outside the home. Best of luck to you! I'll have a drunken review up for you late tonight. Get yourself a glass of wine and read along!

Anonymous said...

Way to go for you and Brian for taking a chance on quitting a crummy job! Good luck in your job hunt! I hope you find something you love (with good breaks for knitting) soon! I sent you a package a few days ago - you should get it any day!
Happy Knitting!
- your S.P.

Laura said...

The shawl looks great! I am sure that Miss Honey will love it. Good luck on your job search!

Anonymous said...

Good luck on your job search!

FYI, if you're interested, the public library has just posted an opening for a PT Youth Services Assistant. It's primarily indoor, office work; the supervisor is fantastic, too. Check out the posting for it and a couple of others at

Best wishes,
a "Desperate Knitter" from your LYS

Kim said...

Good luck with the job search--I'm polishing up my resume as well. I like the colors in the shawl. Good for you--organizing your stash; I really need to do that. Just passing through on Stashalong patrol--have great week!

Stricken madchen said...

Good luck with the job hunt! That's always sooo much fun. (sarcasm a little strong..sorry). Hopefully you will find a great job.
The shawl looks beautiful. Hopefully it will bring a lot of comfort and hope to your friend.