Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Merry Christmas!

I've saved the two gift certificates to the LYS that I received for Christmas from my parents and Bryan. I was determined not to buy anything with them until I had a plan for it and knew with detail what was going home with me.

Finally, after much thought and trips to the yarn store, I came home with two bags of yarn. Allow me to introduce... My Christmas presents!
This Regia is beautiful and I can't wait to use this more detailed self-striping yarn.
I fell in love with this colorway of Lorna's Laces Bullfrogs and Butterflies. It's called Black Purl and once I heard that the store owner wasn't purchasing any more of it I knew I had to act fast. The last two skeins in the store now have a wonderful new home.
Bryan has requested another pair of socks and I wanted the second pair to be bright, but not quite as glaring... So Silja it is! Plus, these are superwash, so if I don't catch them before they hit the washing machine we'll be okay.
One of my goals for this large purchase was to make sure that some really fun colors got into my bag. I think that this Manos de Uruguay certainly fits the bill. I'll be making My So Called Scarf with this and I know it'll turn out beautifully!
Being that I'm so in love with my current Trekking XXL socks I jumped on the chance to buy another skein of it. These with be some great socks and I'm already looking for a pattern!
And finally, the BIG purchase! I picked up the latest Creative Knitting magazine a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love with the sweater on the cover. I'll be making In Full Bloom for myself and it'll be using Cotton Fleece by Brown Sheep in the Twilight color. I love love love the color and that it can be worn for any season. I love love love that it's the exact same gauge. And I can't wait to get started on this sweater... My first big thing I'll have made for myself!

It is such a beautiful day outside. Owen is down for his nap and I fully intend on taking my knitting outside for a little bit and enjoying the warm sun.

Happy knitting, everyone! And Merry Christmas!

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Zarah said...

Ummm... what can I say? Wow. That is an amazing amount of yarn. I bet Carol loves you now!!! All of your projects sounds awesome. I love that sweater you are planning to knit.