Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Somewhat late...

My January 2006 Goals:

1. Finish crochet hook holder Done!
2. Block and mail International Scarf Exchange 2 goodies Done!
3. Work 2 repeat patterns on Pepa's birthday scarf (Irish Hiking Scarf) every day until completed Scarf is done!
4. Work half of Hopeful.
5. Start on Cozy

Overall, January was a good knitting month! In addition to these projects, I also made fingerless mittens, another scarf that will be a Christmas gift, and started a cabled purse and a prayer shawl.

February 2006 Goals:

1. Finish Miss Honey's prayer shawl and mail.
2. Start on Cozy.
3. Finish Owen's Seed Stitch Band Sweater.
4. Finish Bryan's socks.
5. Finish cabled purse.
6. Start a new project intended for ME! Yay!


Ginger said...

Wow, great job on the goals. I'm more one whe writes the lists then is never able to cross anything off. ;-)

Michelle said...

Cool idea to set goals each month. Mine would be pretty boring for the next few months but after that I may have to borrow your idea. :D
Can't wait to see how Cozy comes out. I love that pattern.

Impossible Princess said...

I'm glad you liked the scarf and hat... I popped over but there were no pics up yet *sniff*

but the harn I used was shine and shine twist in Cherry. I'm glad you liked it. I was debating to make it in that or mohair...but I thought the cotton would beel nice and cool on your skin. The pattern is from


the pic on that site is REALLY bad but a pic of what it looks like make out of nice mohair is here...


I hope that helps and answers your questions *smiles*

HibiscuitsGirl said...

Oy! Now I feel like a complete and total slacker. I knit a small cardigan for my daughter and knit about 7 inches on Eris. THE END.

You are a knitting machine! Hmm...maybe I should get a knitting machine?

Kim said...

ambitious goals--I set them for stitching but rarely for knitting. Just passing through on Stashalong patrol--have a great week!