Thursday, May 25, 2006

Do you feel lucky? Do ya?

I'm currently involved in a staring contest with my projects. I stare at them and will them to be farther along than they are... and they stare back at me and occasionally roll their eyes.

The thing about working solely on two large projects is that it feels like it takes forever to make any progress on them. It also doesn't help when you have a very large clock ticking in the back of your mind constantly reminding you exactly how long you have until these projects need to be finished. Thankfully, only one of those projects has a real deadline so the pressure hasn't started effecting me yet. *twitch*

Heather's second pillowcase is at the halfway point and I'm confident that if I really put my mind to it I'll have it finished on Saturday and can spend the rest of my holiday weekend working on the In Full Bloom sweater. I know that the sweater won't be done in time to go to California with me and realistically, wearing it in the 85 degrees with 65% humidity weater that we have here in SW Missouri just isn't realistic so it's not going to happen until about October. But still. I want this sweater done! I at least want the option of wearing it!

Bryan and Owen's Mother's Day gift to me was a hardbound copy of Big Girl Knits, which I absolutely love! I've already tagged a few projects I'd like to do and I'm trying to figure out if I have any stash yarn that will work with them. Bryan has even pointed out a few that he wouldn't mind me making. So kind of him!

I realized that I just missed my 1 Year Bloggiversary! I'm currently thinking up a few fun things that involve prizes, so keep your eyes open for some announcements about that once we're back home after June 6th.

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Zarah said...

I wondered when the humidity was going to catch up with you and that sweater! Just find yourself a nice air-conditioned spot and finish it! You'll be happy come fall. PS - I want to check out BGK... I hear it has some great info on sizing.