Saturday, May 20, 2006

Picture heavy post, ahead!

As soon as Owen wakes up from his nap we'll be going to Nixa's Sucker Days fair. Apparently this is a big deal here and we're missing out on the town's one big event if we don't go.

In the meantime, an update!!!

Pillowcase number 2 is underway and though not finished yet as planned, it will be done by the time we leave for California on the 30th.

This is the first one. Obviously it'll need a washing and ironing session before being gifted, but I'm really loving these. I have a few dishcloths that I'll be giving them as well. One is already done and another one is halfway finished. These dishcloths have been great projects to have at my desk at work.

Mom's socks are officially a finished project and they will be part of her birthday presents.

Yarn: Sockotta Needles: Addi Turbo 40" circ #1US Pattern: One I have memorized Stats: Started April 13 and finished May 10

My In Full Bloom sweater is on a roll! I bound off for the back and am working on the left front. It's going by really quickly since the bottom half was done in one piece, so the left front is already more than halfway done! I'm really enjoying working on this sweater. The pattern is easy to follow and the yarn (Cotton Fleece) has been surprisingly nice to work with! I'll certainly be making other garments from this yarn if it wears as nicely as it knits.

Mom may be stealing this pattern from me to make one for herself. Every time I see her she must see the sweater to see how it is making up. She's made two sweaters for herself and I think that she's ready for something done on smaller needles.

I made a little promise to myself that I wouldn't start anything new until Heather's pillowcases were done, but I totally broke that quite unreasonable promise. This is the yarn that Lana is using to make her Clapotis and when I saw it on her blog I fell in love with it! It is Sinfonia yarn and is 100% cotton. I'm making some 3x1 rib socks on size 3 birch needles and oh my gosh, I love it.

These socks were started on Thursday night and look at how far I am on them. The gusset decreases are done. I love how quickly these socks are working up! And the yarn has been great to work with. The yarn doesn't split at all and these will be some sturdy socks. Oh, and I love how the colors change! They're so bright and cheerful!!!

One last thing in this picture-laden post! Sarah and I met up on Thursday after work at Panera for a little knitting and chatting. Bryan was kind enough to pick up Owen and take care of their dinners so that I could do that. (Yay, Bryan!!!)

We had a great time and Sarah brought her latest treasure, a signed copy of the Mason-Dixon book. She even let me look through it! There are some great projects in there and I may have to put that one on a wishlist. Sarah finished the Ball Band dishcloth and is now working on the Baby Kimono. Isn't that a great color?

I'm hoping that after we get back from California I'll be able to get back to her Sunday afternoon knitting group. One cannot underestimate the value of being with other women who won't look at you crazy if you ask if anyone has a tape measure handy!


Melissa said...

The socks look great! Don't ya just love Mason-Dixon Knitting?

del said...

Love those "candy-cane" socks! And the embroidery on the pillowcase is beautiful.

Zarah said...

Sucker days?!? I'll love tos ee the comment spam you get from that one! =) I'm looking forward to the WW KIP Day! I'm making a poster tonight since it's Matt's Halo night (taking over our TV, you know!)