Monday, May 08, 2006

A very BIG thank you!

I received a package in the mail on Friday from the wonderful Beverly, of the recently renamed PoMo Golightly, who hails from Albuquerque, New Mexico. We met during SP7 when she was matched to me as the lucky person I had the opportunity to spoil. In actuality, I believe that I was the lucky one because Bev is not only incredibly easy to spoil and kind beyond imagine, but she also has the unique ability to make everyone she comes in contact with feel like you are the most interesting person she's met recently.

So back to the package that was sitting in my mailbox on Friday afternoon, I saw her name and address and must admit that I was more than a little excited. However, I did refrain from tearing open the padded envelope until after I had given my child a snack and settled him down with an Elmo's World video. (Let me tell you, that took some self-control!)
Once the package was open I was greeted with a sweet card and some yarn that instantly put a smile on my face. Can you blame me? This is the PoMo colorway of
Mama-e's C*EYE*BER Fiber and I'm absolutely thrilled with it!!! How much do I love the fact that now I'll have some socks to remind me of Bev? A lot. And these socks are soooo going to be made for me.

Now that I've mentioned socks, thank you to those nice comments about Mom's socks! For those curious ones of you out there, the yarn is Sockotta and it is colorway #26. Today at work I finished the heel flap of the second sock and tomorrow I shall be turning the heel!

I've really enjoyed using the Magic Loop method on the last 2 pairs of socks, but I'm ready for some DPNs again. There's inner turmoil about this. See, I really like working with DPNs but I also like the slick metal of the Addi Turbos I've been using and all of my DPNs are bamboo. If I could find some metal size 1 or 2 DPNs I'd be in heaven.

Works In Progress status:

Heather & Spencer's embroidered pillowcases: Finally brought those back out tonight! Tomorrow night I'll have the first pillowcase completed and I'd like to have these done by the end of next week. I'm so pleased with how they're looking. Perhaps I'll post a picture tomorrow after I've finished the first one.

In Full Bloom Sweater: I'm still working on this! In fact, I've divided for the front and back and am working up the back while doing armhole shaping. I was working on it at my LYS on Saturday and got a TON of compliments on it! The compliments were encouraging and make me want to finish this even more. This is one project that will definitely be coming with me to CA in a couple of weeks.

Crocheted Baby Blanket: I actually finished this last night. It's not something that I've ever blogged about, but one of those projects that you work on for thirty minutes and then don't pick up again for another two weeks. Last night I finished up the body of it and then did all the edging. I'll tuck this one away for a gift.

Cozy: It's currently feeling cozy in the craft closet since I won't have time to work on it for a while. I have other projects that need my attention and it'll have to wait at least until the pillowcases are done.


Anonymous said...

Oh, such a pretty yarn! I do admire you self control to not ripping the package open right away, that sure took quite an effort from your part!
Looking forward to seeing pics of your works in progress - very curious over here! :)

Dipsy D. said...

That "anonymous" before was me, forgot to log in...

Zarah said...

Cool yarn - you might check Hobby Lobby for metal DPNs. I like to use 5 DPNs at a time though, so I had to buy 2 sets last time I got some there.
We should get together sometime, what are you up to this Sunday afternoon?

del said...

Very smart to feel the child & distract them while you open your package! :-) Very nice!

beverly said...

Yay! I'm glad you got the package and like it...I ordered the PoMo from Mama-E a while ago, and it kept whispering your name to me!

Susan Bates makes a great set of dpns in different "sock" sizes...let me know if you can't find it near LYS carries them. xx