Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hello!!! I'm still alive!!!

Well, it has been a little while since I last posted. There's been a lot going on and now that I'm home from Missouri I have a lot of packing to do before we move there on September 6th. That gives me 14 days to pack up my whole house!!! YEESH!!!

On the crafting front, not a whole lot has gone on there in the past few days and I know it will be a few weeks before anything good happens with it again. I snagged a few minutes of knitting time last night while Bryan was out getting Starbucks for us, and I had a few minutes to knit in the car on Monday night.

Did I mention that I finished Jared's scarf? It's done and it looks great on him. Isaac immediately asked where his scarf was. lol! Now that it's done I'm working on the baby blanket from Debbie Bliss' Easy Baby Knits for Beginners. I'm doing it to try my hand at seaming. If that goes well I'll work my way to doing a sweater for Owen. Missouri will get cold in the winter! The blanket will need 30 patches, and I'm finished with 13 and halfway through with 14.

Ugh. My brain is fried. I'll update later with a few pictures. Back to packing!!!

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