Thursday, August 25, 2005

One quick post before bed!

It's been a great night!!!!! For full details, see my personal journal. (The button link is to the right. It's called Being Brianne.)

I'm having a difficult time remembering what I've already written, so bear with me!

This morning I went to NobleKnits (my LYS) to find some yarn to make a knitting bag with. After consulting with the yarn goddesses, I decided on Galway and chose beautiful muted teal and oatmeal colors for the bag. I selected my needles and picked up a few I needed for other projects, too. I also saw some Sockatta that was great and picked up a bit to make Bryan some funky socks.

I about died when I got to the cash register and heard my total. YIKES! Yarn goddess #1 showed me that it was basically my needles racking up the bill. Yarn goddess #2 also pointed out that the Sockatta was also a bit more expensive, too.

Yarn Goddess #1 then said something that changed my life forever. "Have you ever seen the Denise Interchangeable Knitting Needles?"

"No. Show me, yarn goddess."

It was so beautiful and amazing that I had to avert my eyes for a moment to avoid looking fully upon it's magnificence and be blinded. After letting my eyes adjust to the glory of Denise I was taken aback by the wonder of it all.

And so, for $47.95, Brianne walked away from NobleKnits with Denise. And it was good.

Oh yeah, and I also purchased the Galway, too!

I told Bryan about the Denise set on the way to the Padres game tonight and told him "thank you for my anniversary present!"

I wasn't sure how I'd feel knitting on plastic, but it's not bad at all. I still definitely want to try bamboo and possibly other types of wood, but the plastic is working out well. I started Knitty's French Market Bag and am almost 1/2 done with the base of it. All in one night! Yay! It's amazing what you can do at a baseball game! *grins*

Pictures soon! I promise!!!


Jen:) said...

I just got a Denise set myself, definately a life saver, and well worth the price. So far I havent had any big problems and I love how quiet they are (no more looks from John during quiet parts of a movie/show)

Congrats on the move - I cannot believe that the 3 of us (Erin, you, myself) all ended up in the Midwest, too wierd for us Cali girls to anticipate ;)

spaazlicious said...

Absolutely worth the price, although I've had a problem with the black tips of the cords snapping, their service is always super-fast and they replace them for free (and extras are cheap too). I think their joins are the smoothest in the circular world (if you don't count Addi Turbos, which jus wouldn't be fair since they blow everyone else out of the water).