Tuesday, August 02, 2005

I love libraries!

I especially love that the Carlsbad Libraries keep their catalogues online. That means that last night I found and held 3 books and a video for myself and spent minimal time having to find anything today. Good stuff!

I checked out:

Encyclopedia of Crochet

Stitch 'n Bitch

Debbie Bliss' Baby Knits for Beginners

I covet all of them. I want them in my house and next to me as I work on stuff. *drools*

I love each of them for different reasons. The Encyclopedia is so incredibly thorough. I love all the stitches it diagrams and imagined so many wonderful projects coming to life under my hook. Stitch 'n Bitch is hilarious and the explanations for things are great. She totally solved so many of my knitting issues!!! The single biggest one was that I was casting on much too tight and the recommendation was to hold both needles together while casting on, making it impossible to do it too tightly. Tried it! AMAZED!!! What a difference this made in my knitting!!! Oh my gosh. Huge. And the Debbie Bliss book is just simply precious and I want to make every single thing she has in there. I see this as a big advantage for all the baby showers coming up.

So with my current knitting issues solved... a momentous occasion happened tonight. I did not touch my crocheting once. I spent all my yarn time tonight on knitting. I cast on a scarf for Jared in blue & grey... and it has ridges. k2 p2, baby! I can do this!

Bryan is so sweet and seems to be actually trying to learn the differences between crocheting and knitting. He's asking questions and I'm showing him samples. What a good man he is!

Ack. Time for bed! It's another long day tomorrow and we have a lot to do before we leave for Branson on Saturday morning!!!

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