Monday, August 15, 2005

I'm still here!

It has been a very busy few days since I last posted. Since that day...

~ Bryan accepted a job near Springfield
~ Bryan agreed to start September 12
~ We looked for houses
~ We realized that we will really have to sell our condo before we can buy a house
~ My grandmother might buy our condo... but we don't know
~ We have started looking for an apartment here as the houses we like won't be finished for another couple of months
~ We have agreed not to tell Bryan's boss and coworkers until the end of the week
~ We have freaked out a few times at the thought of moving
~ Our families have freaked out a few times at the thought of us moving
~ Bryan has gone home and started packing things easier done while Owen isn't in the state
~ I have been knitting away to help soothe my brain
~ I finished Jared's scarf and immediately started another project

A little overwhelmed? Yeah. Me too.

It has been an interesting time here and this is really the first completely restfull day since arriving.

On a crafty note, I did finish Jared's scarf and he was thrilled with it. Isaac wants to know where his scarf is. So when we go to Hobby Lobby I'll let him pick out which yarn he wants for it. I know he'll pick orange. *grins*

I did immediately start another project once I had woven in the ends (there were a ton since it was striped) and balled the leftover yarn. It is the baby blanket in the Debbie Bliss, Baby Knits for Beginners. I'm using Lion Brand's Baby Soft in purple, pink and green. This is not the easiest yarn to knit with because it is very fine, though it is heavenly soft and will be great once it's made up. I'm doing this, not so much because I think I need practice with a garter stitch, but because I think my next project will be a sweater for Owen and I need to work on getting a consistent gauge with my patches and on seaming. This will make the sweater come together a lot easier.

Okay, now time to see if I can download any of my pictures from the digital camera onto mom's computer. Wish me luck!

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