Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Oh my gosh. I have the best Secret Pal... ever!

Yesterday was crazy. C R A Z Y. I'm smack in the middle of this C R A Z Y day and I get my first package from my Secret Pal.

This woman knows me. I swear. She happens to also be incredibly thoughtful!!!

My first package: (pictures to be posted after hubby gets home with batteries for the camera)

A beautiful blue hydrangea... only my very favorite flower in my very favorite color. I had to leave my potted blue hydrangea back in CA and I have been missing it every day. She couldn't have known!!!

A candle that smells so good that it burned for 4 hours last night. Pumpkin spice. Aaah.

And what I think is the most awesome thing anyone could have given me right now... a packet of information about Nixa from the city's Chamber of Commerce! (My girly lives near me, apparently.) I sat and read through it all for a solid hour and a half last night. There was a ton of stuff in that packet and I have the city's important phone number sheet hanging on my fridge now! Seriously, I showed Bryan this packet and he was thrilled, too!

417 magazine. Only the magazine to have in these parts. It covers all the cool stuff happening in the 417 area code. (In San Diego that wouldn't be much since there are 3, soon to be 4, area codes in the county.) I haven't opened this edition yet. I'm saving it for Owen's nap this afternoon.

And finally, Midwestern Living Magazine. I had to laugh when I saw this! It still cracks me up that I'm a Midwestern Girl and not a Southern California Girl. I'll get down to reading this during Owen's nap tomorrow. (Magazines are perfect nap reading.)

This delivery totally changed my day around. THANK YOU, SECRET PAL!!!!

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