Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Picture time!

Here are a couple of older pictures. (By older I mean, "from August.)

For your viewing pleasure, courtesy of my not screwed up anymore computer:

This is from our trip to Petco Park in beautiful our-home-at-that-time San Diego. It was Owen's very first professional baseball game and our first time at Petco Park. Bryan really enjoyed having Owen on his lap, pointing out all the players and what they did. Owen especially liked when the players ran and slid in the dirt. That was very hilarious to the almost 2 year old. I brought in the beginnings of my French Market Bag from Knitty and thoroughly enjoyed being able to knit and watch baseball at the same time. Fantastic! I also learned that I could totally knit and hold a sleeping toddler concurrently. The picture on the far right is me doing just that. They grey topped by green is Owen's behind. *grins*

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