Thursday, November 17, 2005

The cables, they are a flyin'!

Is it possible that I have already finished a little over 12" on the Irish Hiking Scarf???


They just seem to be flying off my needles! I love the cabling, by the way. Hubby dearest and Mom are both terribly impressed with me.

Speaking of Mom, she called me this morning with her first FO around her neck! The scarf is complete and keeping her warm and cozy. She is going to be starting on her next project tonight and is so excited about it! I'm so stinking proud of her!!! We're going to be spending Saturday with them and so I'll get some pictures of it and post it here, just so I can brag a little bit more. (The boys are going out to try the new ATV at the land my parents own... 650 acres of untouched land. They'll have fun. And the two of us girls are going to be knitting to our hearts content! It's a good day!!!)

My SP sent me a sweet card in the mail. I tell ya', I love this girl! I needed a pick me up yesterday, and she did it. I think I might have an idea of who she is, but I'll have to wait for confirmation until after the first of December, because that's when she mailing out my final spoilage and revealing who she is!

Speaking of SP6, I've been compiling my final package for my so-deserving Sp and it is almost ready for mailing. I'm hoping to stop by my LYS late next week to pick up a couple skeins of yarn to add to the package and then we'll be ready to mail it out! My SP is going on a fabulous trip next week and I'm terribly jealous, but I hope that she has a fantastic time and will enjoy her gift when she gets back.

Tonight I cast on for Owen's sleeves. We got in Friends: Season 10 and Scrubs: Season 2 so there is plenty to watch while I knit into the night! Last night we watched the first disc of Friends: Season 10 and two episodes of Scrubs: Season 2. I laughed so hard that my abs hurt a bit, but it was a great night. I needed to laugh.

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