Tuesday, November 15, 2005

You hold your breath in, You pull your needles out

You tuck your chin in, And you rip the yarn right out. You do a lot of froggin and your mind spins all around. That's what its all about! Hey! That's my version of the Hokey Pokey... but retooled for knitting. You like?

Time to follow the journey of Brianne, as she mutters to herself about paying attention while frogging large portions of projects. Today's project is the Debbie Bliss Stockinette Sweater that has been a work in progress for quite a while. Brianne made the mistake of starting on the sleeves at 1am on a night when she was so emotional that she had no right to be working with pointy objects, lest she poke an eye out while using a kleenex to wipe her eyes. Due to puffy eyes, she didn't clearly read the directions, which led to the eminent frogging of both sleeves.

These are the sleeves in question. They were both worked at the same time on size 7 needles. They were beautiful, if you don't count that they were only increased on one end of each sleeve instead of on both ends of each sleeve.

These are the sleeves post-frogging. I love the color of this yarn, its Wool of the Andes in Chestnut from Knit Picks and it has been nice to work with. This pile scared me just a bit. Those were once sleeves, you know.

This is a bit more manageable to look at, not quite as overwhelming! Hello yarn which will once again be sleeves!

And this is Pepa's Christmas scarf! It's the Irish Hiking Scarf done in Elsebeth Lavolde Silky Wool. What I'm the most proud of is that it has CABLES!!!!!!! I CAN CABLE!!!!!!!!!! I'm the most talented knitter in the whole entire world!!!! (Or maybe just the most talented knitter on the block... but definately the most talented knitter in my house. That's for sure.)

Mom and I met up for a post-op follow-up appointment with my doctor yesterday and afterwards we went to my LYS, Simply Fibers, to look around and I of course had to bring the scarf with me to show off my newly acquired skill of cabling. I love the ladies there because they pretended to be incredibly impressed with me, which made me feel fabulous.

I realize that I didn't blog at all about the wonderful birthday package that my SP6 spoiler sent to me. She was so thoughtful and even included a Halloween cookie for Owen that he loved and devoured immediately! I've been so blessed by her, and not just because of the spoiling packages, but also because of her emails to me and her prayers. *Hugs to you, SP!*

So back to the scarf! Owen will only be asleep for another 30 minutes and I'd love to get a few more repeats done on this puppy!

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