Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I'm such a lemming!

I can't help it though.

Check out our Frappr!

Where the heck are you people from? I'm curious, you know. :)

And for knitting content... stay tuned! Tonight I'll be posting an update on Mom's French Market Bag and her scarf. (Both Christmas presents, but I don't think she reads this thing... plus she requested both and picked out the yarn. She's not much for big surprises.)

Thanks for all the compliments on Owen's sweater! I'm so stinking proud of that thing, I almost showed it to the mail woman yesterday. I showed restraint, though!

Now I'm trying to pick out my next "big" project. Perhaps something for my hubby dearest, or for myself? Still in the decision making process. Any suggestions?


Dani said...

I'd say do something for yourself first! Once you start spoiling the boys it will never end =p Although if you decide to make something for your husband, a cute pattern that is getting excellent reviews is

illanna said...

Hi! Thanks for the compliments on my vest in the comments. I answered your question about needle size on my blog (it was 5's). Have a great weekend!